After the Beuchat Espason Prestige, the Winter Wetsuits Dossier continues with the Pathos Thira Camu. To follow Cressi Tracina, Mares Squadra, Picasso Thermal Skin, Salvimar Nebula, Seac Kama and Sporasub J55. 

Pathos presents the Thira Camu, camouflage wetsuit in open cell interior and lined exterior neoprene, very well refined and resistant, also available in black, which completes the Pathos wetsuits offer together with the more extreme and delicate Wet Suit Team, in open cell interior and smooth exterior neoprene.

In brief

Already presented at the 2015 Eudi Show, the Pathos Thira Camu offers different solutions that aim to optimize resistance and thermal insulation, such as the seams covered with neoprenic seal, very high waist of trousers and the Water Stop System. 

Materials and protections

The wetsuit sent by Pathos for the Winter Wetsuits Dossier and the following test in the water, is the 7 mm Thira Camu, both for trousers and jacket. Camouflage, the Thira Camu is made of high quality high density Sheico, while the lining is in Ultrastretch Impermeaflex Nylon.

The protections of knees and elbows are the largest among all the wetsuits of the Dossier, and are made of Supratex Nylon, thick and resistant material that guarantees excellent protection from bumps and abrasion.

The sternal protection is made of an external additional layer of neoprene covered with a strong Nylon layer. The maximum dimensions of such protection, which is similar to a stylized fish, are 28 x 13,5 cm.

Among the protections we can also add a particular solution, which is the cover with a neoprene seal of almost all the seams of the wetsuit, so to protect such areas from abrasion and aggressive agents such as sea water and sun rays, and at the same time increase the thermal insulation sealing the holes (even though they are non-through) made by the seams in the neoprene.  

Cuts and finishes

The finishes of the Pathos Thira Camu are extremely neat. The profiles of face, wrists and ankles are made of folded externally smooth neoprene, to offer better adherence and sealing, and also higher resistance in the dressing and undressing phases.

The face contour is made with a differentiated thickness neoprene, reduced by only 0.5 mm, to increase comfort but still maintain high resistance.

The wetsuit, as today almost all, is preformed in the arms and legs area, so to increase comfort. The back of the jacket is made of a single piece neoprene, while seams on the shoulders are absent, and the ones behind knees and elbows are shifted away from the bend point to minimize any uncomfortable sensation.

The lower part of the jacket is internally lined all around the waist to have better resistance in a particularly stressed area during dressing and undressing, especially considering the phase when one grabs the lower part of the jacket to pull it down or up. An open cell interior neoprene could spoil more easily due to nail cuts. Such solution though partially reduces sealing effect between trousers and jacket.

Important finishing is the closure of the cap on the chin, which on the Pathos Thira Camu has no seams and is glued. A solution, the latter, even though maybe slightly less resistant, surely more comfortable than the seamed one, especially if seam is internal.

The area of the underarms and under the chin is made with black super elastic lining.

Innovative solutions

Certainly the neoprenic seal cover of the seams, even though not unique on the market, represents an interesting solution. Also the Water Stop is already present in some competition, but it is anyway a special system and a plus for what concerns thermal insulation of the wetsuit. Leaving the waist of the trousers in the normal position the wetsuit works as any other high waist wetsuit. It is also true that the Pathos Thira has the greater value of the measure between the inseams of the trousers and the edge of the waist compared to all wetsuits of the Dossier. If the Water Stop System is used folding the 10 cm high neoprene band at the height of the horizontal seam, a sealing effect between the open cell interior of the trousers and the open cell interior of the jacket is created. This solution generates a high sealing effect between jacket and trousers, strongly reducing any water passage in the lower part of the jacket, and increasing the thermal insulation.

To see and print the data sheet of the Pathos Thira Camu click here.

Price on the web

Below the price of the Pathos Thira Camu 7 mm on the web. A pity jacket and trousers are not sold separately, a solution that does not permit to buy different thickness and/or size of jacket and trousers, nor to buy just one of the two parts.

Price of complete 7 mm wetsuit: 279,66€

Plus and minus


  • Neoprenic seal cover of seams
  • Water Stop and very high waist
  • Finishings and no seam on chin


  • Jacket and trousers not sold separately
  • No elastic band to hang trousers