The two circular bands elliptical section barrel speargun by Pathos has all the top solutions by the Greek manufacturer: the Pathos Sniper.

Handle and release mechanism

Handle is the D’Angelo 3 of latest generation, symmetrical for ambidextrous use, and with a 100% stainless steel release mechanism. Compared to the D’Angelo 2 the distance between the trigger and the palm of the hand has been reduced to permit better comfort when using thick gloves or for those with smaller hands. The metal hook for the line is of small dimensions and positioned in the upper part of the handle, with a system that can be interchanged for example with the Laser speargun, a modus operandi typical of Pathos. The release system block is extremely backward to optimize the useable length for the shot. The design of the handle is made so that the upper part is as thin as possible and permits an excellent alignment of the hand with the line of the shot. Handle is made of glass-loaded nylon.

The release mechanism is very much shifted to the rear of the speargun to optimize the total length for the shot. The design of the handle is made to have the thinner possible upper part, aligning at best the hand to the line of aim. The material of the handle is glass-loaded Nylon.

Pathos Sniper handle
Pathos Sniper d’Angelo 3 release mechanism

The barrel

Made of aluminum with extrusion technology called “mild forming“, the barrel of the Pathos Sniper 65 has a cuttlefish bone-like section to improve brandishing and, mostly, balancing of the speargun in the water. The barrel is made with “enclosed track“, meaning the shaft guide closes on the shaft for more than 180°, so that the latter cannot come out of the guide even when positioning the speargun upside-down and, in theory, it offers more stability to the alignment of the shaft during the shooting phase.

On the barrel a big float, connected by bonding and named Sepia (dimensions 34.8 x 7.1 cm), is used to achieve a better balancing of the Sniper in the water by lifting the heavier part of the speargun, which is evidently the handle side, due to the 100% stainless steel release mechanism.

Pathos Sniper elliptical barrel and floater

Muzzle and elastic bands

Made of glass loaded Nylon, light and resistant material, also capable of avoiding the absorption of humidity, so a very good choice for use in seawater, the muzzle of the Sniper has the part which goes inside the barrel that has evidently an elliptical section and is fixed with to screws. A very evident characteristic of the muzzle are the very deep channels designed for the positioning of the two rubber bands, inserted in two separate holes. The channels permit to avoid the two rubber bands rubbing one against the other and positioning them parallel to the shaft, for the best efficiency of the shot.

The symmetrical cuts at the tip of the muzzle help positioning the line and avoiding it slipping out. The inferior line passage is made of stainless steel for maximum strength and resistance to wear given by the line running up and down the passage.

Standard elastic bands mounted on the Pathos Sniper 65 are the Pathos TNT Dynamite, 16 mm diameter, red outside and black inside, with very reactive rubber mixture and perfect for deep shots, also where water is cold. The elongation factor is equal to 3.5. The wishbone is made with Dyneema line.

Pathos Sniper muzzle
Pathos Sniper muzzle – inferior view

The shaft

The standard shaft is 6.75 mm in diameter and 100 cm in length on the Sniper 65. The barb is completely external (no machining of the shaft) and is positioned in the lower part, a solution that generally helps to counter-balance the effect of weight that tends to generate a downward component of the trajectory. Material is the high-level Sandvik and the tip is tricuspid. The wishbone can be hooked to three shark fins, of which the central one has a hole as the possible connection of the line.

The list price of the Pathos Sniper starts from 200€ for the 55 cm version, so just at the base of the best spearguns between 200 and 300€ dossier, or at the top of the best spearguns between 100 and 200 €

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