The Pathos Sniper-R 95 is present on the market with a number of characteristics that make it a top of the line product, designed for those who look for a high performing sling gun. This is obtained by putting together the progressive shot of the Roller system with the more reactive circular band solution, in a somehow hybrid result.

In brief

Aluminium barrel with cuttlefish shape section and enclosed track shaft guide, fixed float mounted on the barrel to balance the speargun and permit the anchorage of the elastic bands of the Roller system. The muzzle hosts the Roller technology united to the circular band solution, the release mechanism is 100% stainless steel wth optimized ambidextrous grip. Pathos Sniper-R 95 offers a great amount of highly technical solutions.

Sniper R AperturaLow

Il fusto

Realizzato in alluminio per estrusione con tecnologia “mild forming“, il fusto del Pathos Sniper-R 95 h

The barrel

Made of aluminium with extrusion technology called “mild forming“, the barrel of the Pathos Sniper-R 95 has a cuttlefish bone like section to improve brandishing and, mostly, balancing of the speargun in the water. The barrel is made with “enclosed track“, meaning the shaft guide closes on the shaft for more than 180°, so that the latter cannot come out of the guide even when positioning the speargun upside-down and, in theory, it offers more stability to the alignment of the shaft during shooting phase.

The muzzle

Extremely evoluted and specifically designed for the cuttlefish bone shaped barrel, the muzzle is complete with Roller solution together with the circular band one, with a smoothness of the lines and shapes that permits, with both bands loaded, to have the latter perfectly aligned, avoiding any negative contacts between the two, which would lead to friction and loss of power. The wheels for the positioning of the bands of the Roller system are slightly cone like shaped towards the internal part of the barrel to insure that the bands remain in their guides.

Sniper R testata2

Extremely interesting and practical are the grooves for the positioning and passage of the line, which results in such a way very easily set during the loading phase, with no risk of it coming out from the correct position.

Sniper R testata3

Also very practical is the extension of the small flap in the frontal and lower part of the muzzle, which works as a support to the barb, when positioned inferiorly, of the shaft, so that there is no necessity of using the classic elastic rings.

Sniper R testata1

The floater

Still analyzing the barrel and its balancing, the latter is insured by a floater (Sepia Roller) of a long and flat shape (dimensions 34.8 x 7.1 cm) glued in the lower part of the barrel just in front of the reel.


But the function of the floater goes well beyond the balancing of the speargun, as it works to simplify the loading of the Roller system, thanks to three points of attachment for the elastic band. These points are 13 cm distant one from the other, and are useful to regulate the tensioning of the elastic band.


Grip and release mechanism 

Grip is the D’Angelo 3 of latest generation, symmetrical for ambidextrous use, and with 100% stainless steel release mechanism. Compared to the D’Angelo 2 the distance between the trigger and the palm of the hand has been reduced to permit better comfort when using thick gloves or for those with smaller hands. The metal hook for the line is of small dimensions and positioned in the upper part of the handle, with a system that can be interchanged for example with the Laser speargun, a modus operandi tipical of Pathos. The release system block is extremely backward to optimize the useable length for the shot. The design of the handle is made so that the upper part is as thin as possible and permits an excellent alignment of the hand with the line of the shot. Handle is made of glass loaded nylon.




The shaft

The standard shaft is 7 mm of diameter and 130 cm of length on the Sniper-R 95. The barb is completely external (no machining of the shaft) and in positioned in the lower part, a solution that generally helps to counter-balance the effect of weight that tends to generate a downward component of the trajectory. Material is the high level Sandvik and the tip is tricuspid.


The shaft has 4 fins, of which one is shifted forward to simplify the loading phase, while the third fin has a hole for the passage of the line.


SniperR4Alette dis

Elsatic bands

Standard elastic bands mounted on the Sniper-R 95 are the Pathos TNT Dynamite, 16 mm diameter, red outside and black inside, with very reactive rubber mixture and perfect for deep shots, also where water is cold. These are ideal for Roller guns. The elongation factor is equal to 3.5 for the circular band (booster) and 3.1 for the Roller. The wishbone is made with Dyneema line.


The Reel is the Wheel 50, but also Wheel 70 is available. The particular characteristic of such reels is the fact that they do not have a real clutch, but an on-off solution, in the sense that the knob for tightening the reel is only used to keep the line in tension when the speargun is loaded. When the shot is released, though, the reel loosens and the line is free to unravel. Pathos prefers such solution to avoid stressing the spearo once he has shot the fish, due to the tension that can be generated otherwise by the line through the clutch. Differently, Pathos suggests to manage the line with ones hand in case of preys that can permit to do so (not too big), else, just let the line unwind to avoid any difficulty in the ascent phase.


Simpler loading

The Roller system traditionally needs a loading handle to be able to take hold of the wishbone. This is not a particulalry complicated process, but it is surely less simple than loading traditional spearguns. Pathos has smartly designed a solution that does not need yhe additional loading handle.

Practically, first step is to position the wishbone of the Roller band on the first fin (muzzle side) of the shaft, leaving the other side of the elastic band free, and after that turn the speargun upside down and connect the elastic band of the Roller to the first hook (muzzle side) of the floater. In such a way, one can then proceed connecting the band to the following hook and then to the third. Pathos and De Mola suggest to utilize the second hook when the elastic band is new and, eventually, use the third one when the bands tend to lose some thoughness.



Turning the speargun back to the right position it is possible to pull the elastic band on the second fin. Also here the suggestion by Pathos-De Mola is to utilize the following fin (third) only when elastic band will show some loss of strength. After loading the Roller band, it will be possible to load the circular band to the third (second last) fin and, later on, to the fourth and last one.

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