Pathos is producing shafts since years and has obtained a really high standard of quality recognized by many spearos, especially in terms of resistance of the barb, a key element for the duration and reliability of this important component.


Pathos has studied extensively with laboratory tests and sea trials, and has produced its shafts with what they consider the best steel on the market, the Sandvik, with exceptional stiffness and memory characteristics, to offer a precise shot without snake effect during exit. The shark fins are also made of steel treated with additives at specific temperature, then they are polished.

Notches and shark fins

Pathos shafts are available with traditional notches and the interesting solution with shark fins of 3 different sizes (small-medium-large), which offer a complete set of solutions for the all the needs of spearos. These elements are welded with a particular machine that makes them a single body with the dart.

Pathos shafts wishbone connections

On one of the fins there is also a hole for the line or monofilament, in case you fish with enclosed-track spearguns, or roller guns.

Pathos shafts shark fins

Shafts are available with 3 or 4 shark fins. The solution with 4 shark fins sees three rear ones and one advanced one (almost half way the lenght of the shaft) to help loading very long, Roller and pretentioned spearguns.

Pathos shaft with 4 shark fins

Tip and barb

Available with single and double barb, Pathos shafts are also offered with the barb positioned in the inferior part of the shaft, a solution that permits to avoid that the barb covers the line of aim when it opens during the dive (if no O-ring is used to retain it). In addition, also the short barb solution is available, key for spearfishing in caves, lairs and holes in sea rocks.

Pathos shafts tips and barbs

The tip of Pathos shafts is tricuspid, very sharp and penetrating if you hit a fish, even in the bone.

Pathos shafts tricuspid tip

Of course Pathos shafts are also available with the thread solution to mount harpoons.

The shafts are not equipped with an external cone because physics indicates that increasing the total diameter of the shaft increases resistance to running and so decreases the speed.

Diameters and legths available for all Pathos shafts are available on Pathos Pro Spearfishign website at the following links:


Roller 4 shark fins one barb

Roller 4 shark fins double barb

Single barb and notches

Single barb small shark fins

Single barb medium shark fins

Single barb large shark fins

Double barb and notches

Double barb small shark fins

Double barb medium shark fins

Double barb large shark fins