We have presented the Pathos Saragos EVO, EVO PRO and Carbon EVO PRO, together with the same versions of the Pathos Laser, as World Première at the Boat & Fishing Show this year in Athens. Now we present every single detail with dedicated photos and specific explanations that you will not fins anywhere else. Why buy this speargun beyond everything else? Because it comes from the experience of the strongest Spearfishing Team today, the Pathos Team, headed by the World Champion Giacomo De Mola…waiting to see what will happen at the World Championship in Spain.

In the meantime, the analysis and tests by the Apneapassion International Test team have voted the Pathos Saragos EVO PRO as one of the 3 best spearguns between 100 and 200€ on the market, with the Best Choice by Apneapassion Finalist prize. We will see if the Pathos Saragos EVO PRO deserves to win, but performance among the finalists is extremely close, so surely this new product by Pathos is one to look at very closely when choosing your next double circular band speargun! The novelties and upgrade from the “standard” Saragos are many, let’s analyze them properly then.

The handle and release mechanism

Key aspect of a speargun, the reversed trigger release mechanism of the Saragos EVO PRO has not changed in its single elements, but has been fine tuned for a smoother shot. The change has instead been applied to the line release lever, now lateral and more user friendly for the majority of spearos, compared to the traditional vertical pin by Pathos. The lever is quite small, but the design is very clever, as the internal part, where the monofilament is hooked, is particularly convex, and so avoid the risk of the line coming off. The steel box is laser cut, slightly polished to avoid sharp edges, even though it could be maybe smoothened a little more. The trigger is beautifully designed and polished.

The handle is the new Pathos D’Angelo II with a deeper concave area to fit the hand better and closer to the trigger and and even thinner sternal support for the best alignment of the hand with the shaft. Even though small and not particularly well finished, on the sides of the handle, where at the height of the reel, two wings keep well the monofilament and dyneema away from the line of aim. Two passages of line are well kept in position.

Saragos EVO PRO handle right view


Saragos EVO PRO barrel integrated shaft guide

The barrel is a traditional simple circular section solution of 1.25mm thick wall, but with a very interesting integrated shaft guide. The latter is made with two internal rails that determine a reduction of surface area of contact between the shaft and the guide. The result is a reduced friction, also determined by the generation of a water pillow between guide and shaft, which means more power of the shaft exiting the speargun. Something already seen, but surely a clever solution and an good upgrade.

Muzzle and elastic bands

The muzzle of the Pathos Saragos EVO is completely new and extremely well finished. The design is with one hole for the EVO and two holes for the EVO PRO. The shape is extremely neat to optimize the alignment of the elastic bands parallel to the shaft, with improvement of the efficiency, precision and the power of the shot. In general, the shape of this muzzle is very compact for the best lateral and vertical swing of the speargun. Even though the design of the muzzle is compact, the loading of the monofilament is quite easy. The logos of Pathos and Saragos name are applied as stickers, which is not a level of quality correct for such a nice speargun.

The double elastic bands are 2 x Ø14 Pathos TNT RED circulars with new colored nylon drill wishbones.

Shaft and reel

The shaft mounted on the Pathos Saragos EVO PRO is the high quality Sandvik 1800N/mm 6.5 mm diameter solution by the Greek company. It is the version with 3 shark fins, the central one with a hole for the passage of the line. The barb is positioned inferiorly. The tip is the traditional Pathos tricuspid, which according to the company is more effective in penetrating the fish.

The reel is a bicolour solution, with the clutch opening completely when the fish pulls away. This is the Greek philosophy especially for deep dive catches, as such solution permits the spearo to reach the surface quickly and safely. The lever to wind the reel is maybe a little small when wearing thick gloves or for big hands. The finishes of the reel could be of higher perceived quality.