The Pathos Medi wetsuit is the green and black camouflage version of the new 2020 wetsuits line by the Greek company, which also includes the Coral (red and black) and the Ocean (blu and black). Of the three versions, the Medi is probably the most adequate for a Mediterranean use, and especially for the Winter shallow water period. 

Materials and design

The Pathos Medi wetsuit is made with open cell internal and Lycra lined external Sheico medium density neoprene, which gives amazing elasticity and softness.

Elbows and knees are covered with a rubber printed coating for protection, which is a very limited area for the elbows, and a greater one for the knees. The printed material has a special structure that does not cover completely the area, so limiting the stiffness generated. The same solution of printed anti-slip and anti-wear rubber material is applied to the chest, which is protected in the sternal area also by a greater thickness thanks to an additional 3 mm externally lined neoprene patch.

Finishings and cuts

In addition to the choice of a neoprene certainly focused on the best softness and comfort, also the cut of the wetsuit is designed to use a low number of pieces of neoprene, so to obtain a reduced number of stitchings that evidently would reduce elasticity. This can be clearly seen in the underarm area, where usually all wetsuits have a specific piece of neoprene of rhomboidal shape stitched to the wetsuit in the 4 sides. In case of the Pathos Medi this element is absent and the neoprene is one single piece, with a single stitching going vertically and laterally all along the jacket. The same approach applied to the back of the jacket which is made of one single piece of neoprene, with no central stitching. 

Surely important on the Pathos Medi are all the borders of face, wrists and anckles that are made with folded externally smooth neoprene, to generate a slightly tighter area for water passage reduction, still keeping the smooth surface of the neoprene in contact with the skin. Also, the chin area is simply glued with no stichings that otherwise could determine some lack of comfort in contact with the skin. The intelligent solution shows a different point of closure between the head neoprene and the folded profile neoprene, eliminating what could be a weak point if the two closing points would be aligned.

The lower part of the jacket has a 9 cm band of internally and externally lined neoprene that goes all aroung the waist of the spearo, reinforcing the area. The beaver tail is with single clip. 

The pants have a very high waist, 48 cm at the front and 51 cm at the rear.




Special solutions

The choice of reducing to the minimum the pieces of neoprene and so the stitchings can be extremely helpful to obtain maximum elasticity, softness and so comfort of the wetsuit. Of course, this choice could slightly reduce preformation and adaptation of the wetsuit to the body. The good adherence of the wetsuit in every area of the spearo’s body is key for good thermal insulation.

Plus and Minus


  • Reduced stitchings determine a softer and more elastic wetsuit
  • Very soft and elastic neoprene
  • Good finishings of the profiles 
  • Protective prints in every key area (chest, knees and elbows)
  • Very high waist pants can offer increased thermal protection


  • External lining dries slowly and can be cold in Winter when wet out of the water
  • No bands to hang the pants

For the complete data chart of the Pathos Medi click here.