Pathos is the Greek company certainly a point of reference in the international spearfishing scene, both for its products and for its team of athletes, where new entries have recently arrived, some of which we have presented, such as Stefano Claut and Giannis Sideris. With the Laser Roller Carbon, Pathos presents one of its top of the range spearguns, which uses a special hybrid solution, as well as the Pathos Sniper Roller.

Handle and release mechanism

The handle of the Pathos Laser Roller Carbon is the latest generation D’Angelo 3, symmetrical for right and left-handed people, and with a 100% stainless steel release mechanism. The latter is made of 316 stainless steel and tested 20 times at 250 kg before being placed on the market. According to Pathos, the mechanism is very simple and without a wheel, because in the opinion of the Greek company with the use and salt water the wheel can have problems. The system is particularly sensitive and with a very short trigger stroke. The mechanism is an “inverted” solution that adds 7cm more loading length than standard mechanisms. The monofilament release steel lever is small and positioned in the upper part of the mechanism. The design of the handle is made so that the upper part is as thin as possible and allows an excellent alignment of the hand with the line of the shot. The grip is in glass-filled nylon, while the grip cover is in white ADS foam for better grip and visibility underwater if the speargun is left on the seabed. The front part of the grip has two small “wings“, not exactly well finished, but functional, to keep the line away from the line of sight and avoid interference with the quadrilateral.

Pathos Laser Carbon Roller handle and shaft with shark fins
Pathos Laser Carbon Roller D’Angelo 3 release mechanism


The barrel of the Pathos Laser Roller Carbon is a high-quality carbon fiber tube of 30mm diameter, with a 2 mm thick wall. Pathos underlines that the carbon tube used is tested not to bend in measures up to 140 cm, and of course, in the measures of 100 and 110 cm, it is really unbendable. The shaft guide is glued to the tube as, according to Pathos, this determines a higher precision. After long tests, in fact, the technical team by Pathos has verified that the integrated shaft guide on the carbon fiber barrel could determine some problems. On the barrel, a special sepia (cuttlefish bone) shaped floater has the function to perfectly balance the speargun giving buoyancy, and also add some mass and connect the rubbers of the roller system, without making any hole in the barrel. Pathos was the first company to apply this kind of solution. The connection of the barrel with the handle and the muzzle has the double solution, which gives maximum seal but loses some air, of two O-rings plus plugs. Lengths available of the barrel are many: 50, 60, 75, 82, 90, 100, 110 and 120.

Pathos Laser Roller Carbon barrel with glued shaft guide
Pathos Laser Carbon Roller barrel with glued floater

Muzzle and elastic bands

The muzzle is made of glass loaded Nylon and puts together a Roller system with a single circular band solution, something quite unique on the market, and wanted by Pathos to integrate the long shot of the Roller system, with a more immediate push given by the circular band. Even though the muzzle has this double solution, its weight is still quite low. A special water pillow system on the wheels of the Roller system permits the elimination of the bearings, which with salt water can have problems.

Elastic bands, as said, are one for the Roller system, that can be hooked in the inferior part of the barrel to the floater, and the circular booster band. The Roller system band is 16 mm diameter red TNT and has an elongation coefficient of 2.9, while the circular booster band is 14 mm with an elongation coefficient of 3.1. The muzzle also supports the inferior barb of the shaft so that no retention ring is needed. 

Pathos Laser Carbon Roller muzzle
Pathos Laser Carbon Roller muzzle inferior view

The shaft

The shaft for all lengths of the Pathos Laser Carbon Roller is a 7 mm diameter solution made in Sandvik steel, with four shark fins, one of which at mid-lengths to help loading. The shaft point is tri-cut for greater penetration and resistance and there is a single barb positioned in the inferior part. 

Pathos Laser Carbon Roller handle and shaft with shark fins

The list price of the Pathos Laser Carbon Roller goes slightly above 300 €, but we have wanted to include it in the dossier due to its top of the line position in the Pathos range, and can definitely be found on the market at a price below 300 €. 

To download the complete data chart of the Pathos Laser Roller Carbon click here