The Greek company has in the last years conquered consensus all around the world, and has found its perfect company setup: design and production are led by the mind and expertise of the founder and owner Aggelos Michalopoulos, supported by the hints led by experience of Pathos spearfishing team, led by Giacomo De Mola, who is also the marketing and sales manager for most international countries. Sling spearguns and fins, with their groundbraking (at the time of their launch) foot-pockets, are the key products that have made Pathos brand strong and respected internationally, while spearfishing line is complete also with wetsuits and many accessories. Pathos participates to the dossier with 2 models: Saragos and Laser Open. Two really interesting products with good differences between them and adapt to different needs and spearos.

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Pathos Laser Open

Designed for experienced spearos, the Laser Open Pro is a lightweight and powerful railgun. It is compact, minimal, hydrodynamic, very maneuverable and offers the best aiming view. In its shortest 50 cm version list price of the Pathos Laser Open is 143 €, while best price on the web is 115 € in the moment this article is published. Lenghts of the Pathos Laser Pro are 50, 60, 75, 82, 90, 100, 110, 120, 130 and 140 cm.

Pathos Laser Open

Technical characteristics

Muzzle & bands

Pathos Laser Open has evidently an open muzzle, with an extremely compact design and one single passage for more circular bands, where the Open version includes only one of 19 mm diameter, while the Pro version of the speargun has two circular bands of 16 mm diameter. The passage of the line on top of the muzzle is insured by a steel wire, screwed in the Nylon. Wishbone is articulated with a flat reinforced steel solution. Below the muzzle a good dimensions steel wire creates a resistant passage for the line. The muzzle perfectly fits the shaft with barb in the inferior side, where its tip sets on the muzzle end with no need of silicone/rubber O-rings to keep the barb closed before the shot. A very useful and comfortable solution.

Pathos Laser Open open muzzle & circular band
Pathos Laser Open muzzle & shaft barb
Pathos Laser Open open muzzle & circular band inferior view

The barrel is made with a 28.5 mm diameter fully anodized aluminum barrel with 1.25 mm thick walls (internal diameter being 26 mm) and integrated open track shaft rail. The barrel si totally covered with anodized coating and a special treatment makes it harder and generates a shark skin like surface for minimizing friction and improving resistance to external agents.

Release mechanism

The release mechanism is the D’Angelo II with low profile for best alignment with the hand, and the new 100% stainless steel reverse trigger solution that adds extra 7 cm of loading length. The line release lever is quite small and present on the upper part of the handle in a vertical position. The lever disappears in the handle after the shot.

Pathos Laser Open release mechanism

The security system is present and can be turned on or off acting on a sliding piston positioned just behind the trigger partially perceivable by the spearos’ hand.


The grip is strongly anatomical in white color, making well evident once the speargun is left on the sea floor. Grip is also available for left handers in the strongly anatomical design, but also in the simmetrical universal shape (and less anatomical) for both right and left handers. The front part of the handle connecting to the barrel starts the integrated shaft guide.

On the left and right side there are two “wings” that permit to best position the line away from the line of aim. The long, wide and flattened gut but is of good dimensions and covered in the final part with a rubber cap that improves anti-slip situations. There is no central V profile to additionally help line of aim. The gun butt central part is hallow for weight reduction.

The lower part of the handle under the barrel has the traditional sliding connection for the reel.

Pathos Laser Open handle with highly anatomical grip right view
Pathos Laser Open handle with highly anatomical grip left view

The shaft is a 6.5 mm Sandvik notched shaft with a single barb positioned in the lower part, perfectly resting on the muzzle tip, and a tri-cut point.

Comes with

Nylon line and sleeves.

In brief

Pathos Laser Open is the “bigger” cousin of the Saragos, with a special shark skin barrel and an inverted barb shaft with its nice adapatation to the open barrel, as the barb rests on it. With the possibility to be upgraded with two circular bands and a dedicated reel, its strong 1.25 mm wall barrel and 100% stainless steel release mechanism, it is perfect for medium to expert spearos.

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