New 2020 wetsuits line by Pathos offers complete range of camo colours and great wearability and softness, but always with externally lined neoprene. The range sees the Pathos Coral, in black red, the Pathos Medi in balck and green and the Pathos Ocean in black and blue predominant colours. The three wetsuits are so now available in Pathos wetsuit range that also sees the Thira, Onyx and Team wetsuits.

Materials and design

Opel cell internal and Lycra lined external Sheiko medium density neoprene, which gives amazing elasticity and softness: this is the material used for all three new wetsuits, the Coral, the Medi and the Ocean.

In addition to the choice of material for best comfort, also the cut of the wetsuits is ergonomic, using a low number of pieces of neoprene, so to obtain a reduced number of stitchings that evidently tend to reduce elasticity. This can be clearly seen in the underarm area, where usually all wetsuits have a specific piece of neoprene of rhomboid shape stitched to the wetsuit in the 4 sides. In case of the new Pathos wetsuits this element is absent and the neoprene is one single piece, with a single stitching going vertically and laterally all along the jacket.

Underarm single vertical stiching

Camo colours

Camo colours cover practically the complete range of base possibilities, with the red, green and blue solutions on black base. The red used for the Coral version in particular is a colour that is part of Pathos history, present on the logo and all equipment.

“Pathos years ago has started using red on the Saragos speargun, and then on the very successful Pathos footpockets, also made in red in 2012. The trend has been now followed by all the big brands, on a colour that is well visible on the surface (helps safety) and disappears already in shallow water”, says Giacomo De Mola, Marketing and Sales Manager for Pathos and one of the strongest spearfishing champions in the international scene.

Pathos Coral, red and orange is thought for best camouflage on rocks, corals and sand.

Pathos Coral wetsuit

The Pathos Medi, green, is very versatile for Mediterranean sea and North and South Oceans.

The Pathos Ocean, blue, is evidently focused on blue water spearfishing, but also sea floor with algae and light colour sand.

Fine details

The three new wetsuits by Pathos definately include some fine details to help comfort, resistance and thermal insulation. Surely evident are all the borders of face, wrists and anckles that are made with folded externally smooth neoprene, to generate a slightly tighter area for water passage reduction, still keeping the smooth surface of the neoprene in contact with the skin.

Pathos wetsuit wrist folded neoprene border

Also, the chin are is simply glued with no stichings that sometimes determine some lack of comfort in contact with the skin. The intelligent solution shows a different point of closure between the head neoprene and the folded profile neoprene, eliminating what could be a weak point if the two closing points would be aligned.

PAthos wetsuit chin closure no stitchings

Elbows and knees are covered partially with a plastic coating for protection (partial), with very limited generation of additional stiffness.

Chest has greater thickness with anti-slip cover.

Pathos wetsuit chest protection and anti-slip cover

All glueings are double, a key element for best resistance and durability of the wetsuit.