Made in Greece

They are Made in Greece, no Chinese stuff from Pathos, for best quality of its products, including the wide range of bags, from 70 and 90 liters, for speaguns, and for fins. Design and colours are extremely neat and attactive, but it is quality that makes the difference, in a sector, spearfishing bags, where duration is key for the PVC material, the zips and the stitchings, considering the eggressivity of salt water and strong sun. 


Apparently strong, but not heavy, PVC texture with very glossy and attractive red or black colour, and big marine design top quality zips (PK zippers) to resist to corrosion of salt water. Good stitchings and care for details and reinforcements, but with no exageration, Pathos underlines how every choice in the design of its spearfishing bags leads to quality and duration.

Waterproof bag 90LT zip
Pathos Waterproof bag 70LT zip

70 and 90 liters bags

Pathos Waterproof bag 90LT

They are the two dimensions bags for putting away wetsuits and accessories. The 90 liters bag has a maximum length that reaches 92 cm, but that can increase evidently with some deformation of the bag itself, and this permits to host also average to long length fins. The 70 liters can instead host only blades and footpockets dismounted one from the other. No need to say that both bags, and expecially the 70 liters in red colour are absolutely cool and usable for normal traveling and use to store clothes, considering they are waterproof and can indeed be used in special environments such as on a boat.

Pathos Waterproof bag 70LT

No holes for the drenage of water in the bag are a choice by Pathos, as these could be a point of weakness, and view of the Greek company is that they are not really needed, and a hole for the drenage of water can become an issue if the bag is put in the rear trunk or seats of the car, without a plastic protection of the floor.

Pathos 90LT waterproof bag open with new 2020 wetsuits
Pathos waterproof 70LT bag open with new 2020 wetsuits

Simple and light, but seeemingly strong, main and lateral handles permit to carry the bags easily.

Pathos Waterproof bag 70LT side handle
Pathos speargun handle reinforcements

Sparguns bag

Pathos spearguns bag

Extremely well designed and keeping all the quality materials and characteristics of the 70Lt and 90LT bags, the 34 cm diameter and 170 cm long spearguns bag can host more than 7 spearguns at once, including reels, of the lengths of 90-100, while of couse it can host spearguns as long as 150 cm (barrel length indication of 150, plus handle and muzzle) in the number of at least 4. So an amazing quality with top hosting capacity. No drenage holes here neither, and what could have helped is a foldable end to reduce the length of the bag when short spearguns are inserted. Zip always of top quality PK Zippers. 

Pathos speargun bag zip opening
Pathos speargun bag handles

Fins bags

Again all top quality materials and designs, but this time in 3 different versions of the bags for the fins (can host one pair of fins each). Really beautiful design for the PVC material ones, the simpler one all black with red Pathos logo, the more complete one black with lateral red pocket and black logo which can host a mask, a wallet, a knife, or all of them together, and indeed is a useful storage space. Third version copies the latter but is in nylon texture, not waterproof, surely cheaper, but also less neat and evidently can partially soak with water.

Pathos fins bags 3 versions

Slight difference in the bracer between the 2 versions with side pocket, softer, more confortable, but also more “saoky”, and the one without pocket, stiffer.

Pathos fins bags & back view
Pathos fins bags 2 types of braces

Also, in the versions with side pocket the zip is asymmetrical, opening completely on one side of the bag, and on the top, but not on the opposite side, while the version without side pocket opens simmetrically down half way on both sides of the bag. The internal lower part of the bags, half way down to the end of the bag on the wider side, where the blades are positioned, is padded on both sides for additional protection. 

Pathos fins bags internal padding