Omer Sporasub Quick Release harnesses

The same model in two different color graphics , Omer Sporasub Quick Release Black and Safety Spot harnesses offer is definitely interesting for an extremely quick release system.

Weights and pockets


The pockets of the Omer Sporasub Quick Release harness are of rectangular shape. There are a total of 8 pockets, 6 on the back and 2 frontally. The pockets are closed with velcro straps.


Omer offers dedicated rectangular weights of 600 g , which are particularly thin to better adapt to the body of the spearo and so increase comfort. A very neat solution that though does not permit the use of traditional belt weights. The maximum weight load is very interesting and equal to 4.8 kilos . Also, thicker weights of up to 1 kilo could be utilized to reach a very high value of 8 kilos . This could be an interesting option with very thick wetsuits (9 or 10 mm) and shallow water, and it is unmatchable on the market.

Materials and sizes


The Omer Sporasub Quick Release harnesses, the Black and the Safety Spot , have the main structure made in neoprene , and the internal part of the weight pockets in nylon. All the buckles are in Cordura . Omer points out that after some years selling these two products they can confirm the high quality and good reviews by the customers on this point.


Omer Sporasub Quick Release harnesses are offered in 4 different sizes, M, L, XL and XXL . For such reason, the buckles are not adjustable . This aspect can limit somehow the fitting of the harness to the spearo’s body, but definitely simplifies and “cleans” the entire design. The opening and closing of the harnesses is obtained thanks to traditional nylon clips.

Wearing and releasing


The Omer Sporasub harnesses are quite standard to wear in the first phase but has a special second step to set the harness for the quickest release system on the market. So, for a start, the two nylon clips must be locked. Then the arms are inserted inside the passages, and this ends phase 1. Phase 2 requires opening the two clips and locking them one to the other centrally on the chest.


The Omer Sporasub Quick Release harnesses release system is incredibly fast. With one single hand, the spearo can instantly release the harness. This is well described in the below video. The Omer Sporasub Quick Release harness is complete with a nylon back clip to connect it to the weight belt. The clip is cleverly made so that it holds down the harness when the diver is upside down, but when the diver is moving towards the surface, head up, and acts on the quick release system, the harness comes off and the nylon line linked to the clip disconnects from the latter and from the belt.

Additional features

The Omer Sporasub Saftey Point harness includes a big orange “dot” with two nice fish and the Sporasub logo drawn on the back . This is definitely a good safety feature both to be visible at the surface and at the bottom . There are no other optional elements, such as the whistle (which instead should be mandatory by made the law in our opinion) or a place where to position a small knife.