Omer amazes with many new products for 2016

In addition to the new computer watch OMR-1, already presented a few days ago on AP, together with Sporasub and Umberto Pelizzari solutions, all rechargeable,faces 2016 with many novelties.

Cayman HF Special Edition

The top of the line arbalete speargun by Omer is now updated with a new open muzzle, slim and compact, with three holes and able to accommodate 3 circular elastic bands. The new muzzle, for the first time mounted on the Cayman HF Special Edition, anticipates a solution that will be utilized on a new speargun that will take the place of the Cayman HF.

The Special Edition is setup standard with 3 circular elastic bands Perfomer 2 of 14 mm diamter and wishbone inDyneema®, reel Match with 50 meters line included and shaft America in stainless steel and 6.5 mm diameter.

The Performer 2 circular bands are made of two materials: the inside is natural caucciù amber color to achieve great power of the shot, the exterior is of a thin layer of brown caucciù to protect from the UV rays and to make it mimetic. Perfomer 2 is available in diameters of 14,16 and 18 mm.

The America shaft is made of spring steel, which is very resistant (usually used in US and Australia where prey as generally very big), spear head is tricuspid, and is available in diamters of 6.5 and 7 mm. Spring steel had been partially abandoned as it is difficult to machine and also “flowers”, meaning that the surface oxidizes in a particular way (no rust), but surely offers among the best resistance characteristics, needed for by perys. The dark superficial colour avoids sunlight reflects.

Spektra Mask

Really new is the Spektra single glass mask, a solution that this year has been followed by many companies, such as Salvimar,  with the Endless. Spektra is dedicated exclusively to freedivind and is available in black, camu and with mirrored lens. Design of the mask has been defined with the collaboration of Momo Design.

Comfort sock

The new Comfort sock resumes the solution already presented by AP for the new socks Sporasub 140° and 140° Sandwich. The angle of the Comfort sock is in fact 140°, the natural position of tilt of the ankle during finning. The sock is made of smooth exterior and lined interior neoprene, which is lined also externally in the heel and under the foot area, so that it is resistant to wear if one walks on land, for example on the reef. Comfort sock is available in 3 and 5 mm thicknesses.

Shine and Shine R torches

Extremely neat are the Shine and Shine R, totally machined from aluminum blocks, and great power, equal respectively to 20.000 and 22.000 Lux. In the year where rechargeable enters in the freediving and spearfishing world, with the new computer watches by Omer, the OMR-1, l’SP2 by Sporasub and the UP-X1 R of the Umberto Pelizzari product line, the rechargeable torc could not miss: the Shine R, slightly bigger than the Shine, offers 3 hours light with integrated rechargeable battery. To recharge a simple jack is connected to a slot inside the torch.

Watertight buoy bag

Extremely nice and interesting is the Watertight buoy bag. Of great dimensions, just as AP likes to improve visibility and safety, the new Omer buoy is much more than a simple buoy. In reality, the buoy also works as a bagwhere to store objects such as slippers, keys and other stuff. Though it is watertight, it could be an hazard to put your wallet or mobile phone in the bag. We will verify, through a dedicated test, how much the concept of watertight is reliable for this intelligent solution.

But this is not all, since Omer has fitted the watertight buoy with big valves to inflete and deflate it in an easy and fast way, conversely to traditional buoys, which are generally fitted with small and unconfortable valves. A deep analisys of different buoys has been published by AP with First Impressions and Super Test. Moreover, the Watertight buoy is suplied standard with a flat weight for the balancing in the water.

Shogun knife

The new Shogun knife is of the Daga type, with a very sharpened blade. The blocking system to the case is with two buttons that need to be pressed, sincerely a solution that does not always guarantee the perfect blocking of the knife, meaning possibility to loose it.

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