Among the three versions of the new Omer Invictus, the Omer Invictus Rex is the simplest one, still well refined and of a good value for money solution for demanding spearos. 

Handle and release mechanism

100% 316L laser-cut stainless steel release mechanism mounted on a 30% glass loaded Nylon PA 6.6 handle. The elements of the reversed mechanism are well designed, with longer leverages to increase sensitivity. Well-shaped are the robust trigger and the smoothed edges lateral line release lever, easily shiftable right or left. 

The handle has a modern design, robust but slim at the same time. The chest support is removable but extremely well-matched with the handle and with a good concave upper profile for a clean line of aim. The frontal part of the handle is complete with two small lateral wings to move away the monofilament from the line of aim and the shaft shark fins, for easier connection of the wishbones to the shaft.

The safety system regulation is only on the right side and small, so not well feelable by the spearos hand with neoprene glove, and totally not by a left handles holding the speargun.

The grip is covered with a nice well preformed symmetrical white TPR, thermoplastic, material.

Omer Gladius Rex handle
Omer Gladius Rex release mechanism


Made of a 28 mm diameter circular section, 1.2 mm thick wall extruded aluminum and a smoothly integrated shaft guide, the barrel is connected to the muzzle and the handle with double O-rings. This quite traditional barrel has its key element in its camouflage style inspired by a macro image of a butterfly wing. This specific pattern, according to Omer, makes the Invictus Rex particularly “invisible” for fish to identify its shape and as such, helps the spearo to blend more successfully into the underwater scenery. Available lengths are 60, 75, 90, 100, 110 and 130. 

Omer Invictus Rex barrel

Muzzle and elastic bands

Probably one of the slimmest design muzzles on the market, this solution by Omer is made of 30% glass loaded Nylon PA 6.6 has a triple passage for circular elastic bands and asymmetrical protuberances for the passage of the line. 

The standard setting includes two circular bands for lengths 60, 75 and 90 cm, and triple-band for 100, 110 and 130 cm, of 14 mm diameter with 3.2 elongation coefficient. Wishbones are in Dyneema

Omer Invictus Rex muzzle
Omer Invictus Rex muzzle inferior view


The is a stainless steel single barb set on the superior part, three shark fins all with a hole for the passage of the monofilament. The diameter of the shaft is 6.5 mm for 60, 75 and 90 cm, and 6.75 mm for 110 and 130 cm long spearguns.

The list price of the Omer Invictus Rex starts from 229 € for the 60 cm length, and it positions itself in the more accessible area of the best spearguns between 200 and 300 € dossier. 

To download the complete datasheet of the Omer Invictus Rex 90 click here.

Omer Invictus Rex handle and shaft