2017 novelty, the Omer Holo Stone is a camouflage wetsuit with 3D effect as main characteristic.

Well refined, the Holo Stone, with brown and grey/black tonalities, is the novelty of 2017 together with its sister wetsuit, the Black Stone, with black tonalities.

In brief

High quality Sheico neoprene, open cell inside and lined outside, with photografic camouflage, made of neat and out of focus areas for a 3D effect, the Holo Stone wetsuit that AP has analyzed is a 5 mm both for jacket and trousers. Certainly a top of the line product, starting from the finishings of wrists, ankles and face countour area, the Holo Stone has some interesting solutions.   

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Materials and protections

The Sheico neoprene offers a sensation of high softness and, considering the level of such neoprene manufacturer, should insure good life and reduced compressibility.


External lining is in Nylon Ultrastretsch, much used by Omer. It has shown, with elongation tests made, a good elasticity in all directions.

Protections against shocks are limited to the knees, with superficial rubber covering, while elbows have no additional cover to the external lining.

Really well designed is the sternal protection, perfectly integrated externally to the jacket, with an additional 5 mm pad on the 5 mm wetsiut, 7 mm on the 3 mm and 3 mm on the 7 mm jacket, which means 10 mm protections on all jacket thicknesses available, for great protection in loading even very long and powerful spearguns. The rubberized coverage of the sternal area, 12.5 cm large and 28 cm high, avoids slipping of the butt of the speargun.


Finishings and cut

Bondings are of good quality. Excellent are the finishings of borders of knees, ankles and face contour, with folder neoprene, externally smooth for best sealing and internally lined for high resistance to tear. Simply wearing the Holo Stone outside of the water this sealing effect is already feelable, with no loss of comfort.

In the lower part of the jacket the lining is present only on the beaver tail and the two clips area.

The jacket on the back has a single piece of neoprene with no stitchings to reduce total number of them, while the underarm area is preformed with the traditional rhomboidal shape neoprene insert.   


Particularly neat is the cap area, that has, in addition to the folded neoprene border, two small holes on the upper part to release air eventually entered in the wetsuit during the dressing phase, and moving up to the cap when spearo is vertical at the sea surface. Such area is also lined internally.


Not only; very interesting is also the area of the ears, which is complete with two internally lined neoprene inserts, which avoid the sucker effect, that can be very annoying both during the dive, but also when at the water surface.


Still analyzing the cap, the chin area shows the area of the folded neoprene border to be bonded, with the stitching ending earlier on the neck, just as for ankles and wrists, improving comfort..

In the area behind the knees the neoprene has an insert that helps the preformed shape of the legs of the wetsuit, and avoids to have a stitching just in the rear part of the leg where the knees bend, which could be reson for reduced comfort.


Innovative solutions

Certainly the 3D effect camouflage is the novelty, while details like the air release system and the solution to avoid sucker effect on ears are not innovations, but distinctive aspects. The sternal protections perfectly integrated with the jacket is something we really like.