Not a new model, but definitely an interesting one is the Omer Cayman HF Camu 3D, of the Cayman family, with the interesting sepia-shaped barrel. 

Handle and release mechanism

The grip is the Cayman solution with a slightly anatomical and symmetrical shape, covered with white thermoplastic rubber, while the internal structure is, as for all the handle, in PA 66 (polyamide 66 Nylon) loaded with 30% glass fiber. The chest support is removable with a v profile on top to clear the line of aim. There is a small lateral wing on the front left side of the handle to position the line away from the shaft and so help to aim and to load.  

The release mechanism is internally in stainless steel 316L, but the castle/box where the system is positioned is in PA66 30% glass loaded Nylon, and so is the trigger. This is a lower-level solution compared to 100% stainless steel ones, but definitely helps to reduce the weight of the system, which is an important factor. 

The safety system regulation is only on the right side and small, so not well feelable by the spearos hand with neoprene glove, and totally not by a left handles holding the speargun.

The line release lever is lateral on the right, but cannot be shifted to the left side. 


The barrel is the key element of the Omer Cayman HF Camu 3D, where HF stand for hydroforming, meaning the cylindrical aluminum barrel is positioned in a mold, where it is injected with extremely high-pressure water that deforms the tube to the dimensions of the mold, giving it a sepia like shape and almost elliptical section in the central part, while the two extremes still maintain the round section of 28 mm diameter. In its widest central part the barrel measures 49 mm. The shaft guide is integrated with a very open track solution. The barrel has a special 3D anodized camouflage. The connection between barrel and handle or muzzle is sealed with double O-rings, while it is blocked in its position with one Nylon pin per side. Lengths available are 75, 90, 100, 110 and 130 cm

Omer Cayman HF Camu 3d barrel

Muzzle and elastic bands

The muzzle is a compact but reinforced double circular band open solution, with a removable steel bridge to obtain a closed version. The frontal circular passage is open, to be able to insert a circular band in and out without opening the wishbone. The standard setup is with a single 18 mm diameter Performer 2 circular band, with a 3.0 elongation coefficient. The wishbone is a French-style articulated solution. 


The shaft is a stainless steel, 6.5 mm diameter solution with notches. The barb is traditional in the upper position and no machining of the shaft, and also the tip is a traditional circular solution. 

The list price of the Omer Cayman HF Camu 3D starts from 219€ for the 75 cm solution, so definitely in the most affordable part od the dossier of the best spearguns between 200 and 300€. 

For the complete data chart of the Omer Cayman HF Camu 3D click here.