The Cayman Carbon Roller is the new sling gun with patented muzzle Roller kit by Omer, which is mountable on all barrels with 25 mm internal diameter.

In brief

The union beween the optimized Roller muzzle, carbon fiber barrel and 100% stainless teel release mechanism, positions the Omer Cayman Carbon Roller as a top of the line product, that, though, has its strength also in the simplicity of use. CarbonRollerMuzzle

The barrel

The barrel is made in carbon fiber produced in Italy for best quality control, and designed with a unique sheet of fiber impregnated with a low quantity of epoxy resin, which is the heavy part of carbon fiber composite material, obtaining an even lighter final material, still maintaining strength and rigidity characteristics.


The diameter of the barrel is the traditional 28 mm, while the thickness of the wall is limited to 1.5 mm. Anothe important measure is the total length of barrel which, on the Roller 90 is equal to 85 cm (measured by AP).

The barrel does not have a shaft guide, except for the cut of the glass loaded Nylon support at the middle of the barrel. Such support has the function of simplifying the loading phase, as we will see later on.

The barrel is insured to the handle and the muzzle with 5 mm diameter Grivory EMS pins. On the handle side a second support is mounted on the barrel that will serve as base for the mounting of the reel, and will also permit a backward hook of the steel arc that links the two elastic bands of the Roller system.


The muzzle

It is here that Omer has done an additional effort of simplification and evolution, where to the Roller system, quite standard, has added a patented design muzzle, in 6.6 glass loaded Nylon, that permits a very “clean” passage of the line under the shaft, and a consequent reduced risk on tangling the line after the shot.

The Roller system is complete with two wheels in plastic low friction material, mounted on stainless steel bearings.


The innovative solution is also the possibility to quickly dismantle the Roller solution, taking off the two wheels simply unscrewing the fixing screws, and leaving a free passage on the muzzle, that can hold one or two (if tightly squeezed in) circular elastic bands. This gives the possibility of having two propulsion solutions, Roller and circular band, in one single sling gun.

The Omer Roller muzzle is also on sale as a single part for the adaptation to any 25 mm internal diameter cylindrical barrel.


Handle and release mechanism 

The handle and grip of the Cayman Carbon Roller is the interesting solution in 6.6 glass loaded Nylon of the Cayman series. Design permits to position the hand very high, aligning it well to the line of aim, with the profile of the handle that in the top part, from the end of the shaft to the sternal support, goes upward so to have the hand positioned higher.


The grip itself, with symmetrical design adapt to left and right handed spearos, has a soft white rubber dismountable cover, that optimizes unti-slip solution and also is well visibile on the sea bottom.

The release mechanism is 100% stainless steel, with the line support on the right hand side, but not movable to the left.

Handle has, as all most advanced and professional solutions, a point of connection of the tang to the release mechanism which is moved backward. The measure of the distance between the tip of the muzzle and such connection point is equal to 105 cm on the Roller 90. If instead one takes into consideration the real distance of elongation of the elastic bands, we have the following values: for the Roller solution, the distance from the connecting point of the steel arc of the bands with the lower part of the barrel near the grip, down to the last shark fin of the shaft, is equal to 181 cm; while in case of the circular bands solution the distance between the hole in the muzzle and the last shark fin is 94.5 cm.


Shaft is 6.5 cm diameter for the 75 and 90 Roller, and 7 mm for the 100, 110 and 130. It is the Omer America model, in 17-4PH stainless steel, while the barb is positioned inferiorly and is completely external to the shaft, with no machining. The lenght of the shaft on the Cayman Carbon Roller 90 is 130 cm.

Elastic bands

The standard bands for the Roller are the 16 mm diameterOmer Performer 2, with elongation coefficient of 3.2 (320%). Material is 100% natural latex, with purple external colour for UV rays protection, and internal amber colour. The internal central hole is much reduced in diameter. The wishbone is in Dyneema, just as the knots, both on the wishbone and on the steel arc side.

Easy loading

One of the aims of Omer in designing the Cayman Carbon Roller was, in addition to performance, simplicity in the use and loading of the sling gun. If on one side the patented line passage of the muzzle avoids tangling of the line, on the other the two hooks for the bands under the barrel and the additional Dyneema line parallel to the wishbone permit a very simple loading process with no need of additional accessories.



The process is quite simple. The steel arch in positioned in the lower part of the barrel hooked to the first support at mid length. The additional Dyneema line sticking out from the wishbone is held with to fingers and pulled down, so that the wishbone is hooked to the first shark fin. The Roller is then turned upside down and the elastic bands in the inferior part are pulled with two hands, hooking the steel arc to the support near the grip. Again, the Roller is turned back into its original position and, in one or two steps, the Dyneema line is pulled, so that the wishbone is hooked to the second and then to the third and last wishbone, which is the closest to the release mechanism. Loading is then complete.


Reels, not received with the Roller, are all the ones adapt for the Cayman spearguns line, and in particular the Match, Match Alluminium and Match Sportm series.


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