The New Salvimar One, computer watch for freediving and spearfishing, has generated loads of interest on the market mainly for its incredibly interesting price. 

Launched on the market since a few days, the New Salvimar One represents a very simple computer watch, but complete with all the most important functions.

In brief

Compact and light, the New Salvimar One derives from a product that was already on the market, and that some have uncorrectly indicated as the Laurens, while Laurens itself had used the base watch designed and produced by another company, which they adapted to the deep diving needs. Still, the New Salvimar One has been renewed in the design with Salvimar colors and specif menu, and, more important, totally revised software and functions for freedivers and spearos.

External design and materials

Compact computer watch, with a slightly smaller screen compared to other products on the market, the New Salvimar One is made with a 30% glass loaded Nylon, brushed steel bezel nestled on a black base with 4 stops positioned at the 4 cardinal points. Screen has a first outer crown in Salvimar acid green and a second internal one in black, with the functions menu linked to four strectched shape buttons; the latter also in glass loaded Nylon.

The strap is made in thermo-plastic material with elastomer and perfectly connects to the case with no visible discontinuity. The sensor of the measures (pressure and temperature) has quite big dimensions and is well visible on the right of the display.

The rear side of the case is in brushed steel, tightened with four screws positioned on the four angles of a rectangle.

The rear side of the case is in brushed steel, tightened with four screws positioned on the four angles of a rectangle.

Information shown on the display appears centrally with big (8 mm high) characters, on top with 6 mm high characters and at the bottom of the display two indications with 4 mm high characters. All these indications are well visible even by those who have not got the best sight. More critical are the indications (characters only 1 mm high) that inform on the meaning of the different values on the screen. After an initial learning period, though, such tiny indications will not really be necessary.

The strap, measured from under the case to the end of each of the two parts, measures 13.5 cm on the long part without the clasp, and 8 cm on the other, for total 21.5 cm. The usable length must though consider the distance between the last hole on the strap with no clasp and its end, which is equal to 2.5 cm. The final usable length of the strap is so equal to 19 cm. The Salvimar One has no extension for the strap.

Weight of Salvimar One with case and strap is measured equal to 60 grams. 

Freediving functions

As anticipated, Salvimar One offers all the main functions of a freediving compuer watch, which include instant and maximum time and depth for each dive, surface recovery time, adjustable alarms for maximum depth and time of dive, and instant water temperature. A few fundamental informations that make the use of the new freediving and spearfishing computer watch by Salvimar very user friendly.

Functions of the Salvimar One scroll pressing the lower left button and appear in the following order: Time, Dive, Record, Alarm, Timer, Dual Time, Pacer, Chronograph.

In the Time function, the hour, complete with seconds, appears big and central in the display, while above we can find the day of the week, an important information (not present in all other competitor products) for those who use the watch daily, even out of water. Bottom left we find the year, and bottom right month and day. Pressing the button on the bottom right the rear light is activated, which is of a green electroluminescence type.

The key function of this computer watch, the Dive, shows centrally on the screen the Surface Time, while on the bottom left, in the first screen, the maximum depth appears, and in the bottom right the time of the last dive. To make the Dive function start we must select it, as it does not activate automatically. The recording of the dive and the visualization of the data starts at 1.2 m depth and stops once back to the surface.

Pressing the upper right button, information shown will change from water temperature and dive time to water temperature and number of dives to, finally, max depth and time, the latter very useful for those who have important appointments, espetially family ones!

During the dive, in the Dive function on display there will always be the number of dives in the center, the instant depth at the top, instant water temperature bottom left and time bottom right.

In the Dive function it is possible to set, keeping the top left button pressed, the metric measures (meters and degrees centigrade) or imperial ones (feet and degrees Farenheit), or, scrolling by pressing the bottom left button, it will be possible to set the sound alarms for max depth and max dive time.

The Record function shows at the top “REC”, and bottom left either the max depth of the dive session or the minimum temperature, while at the bottom right the total dive time of the session always appears.

It is then possible to see all the dive sessions pressing the top left button. Each time one presses the button at the top of the display the number of the session will increase until the number of sessions made is reached, for maximum 30 (R01, R02, R03…R30).

Once the session has been selected, it will be possible to analyze the single dives pressing the top right button and scrolling the dives in ascending order (F01, F02, F03…F99), until the number of dives made is reached for maximum 99. Once the dive has been selected, on display we will read the number of the dive, and the time and date it was made. Pressing the bottom right button a first display will appear, the one which is more interesting, with at the top the max depth, at the center the surface time, bottom left the minimum water temperature, and bottom right the dive time. Pressing once more the temperature disappears and the avarage depth of the dive appears.

Additional functions

In addition to freediving functions, and apart from the basic ones like 5 time alarms “ALM” and the dual time “DTM”, the Salvimar One offers some useful solutions for training, such as the countdown Timer (TMR), the chronograph (STW) and the pacer (PAC).

The battery can be substituted by the user, but, as for practically all computer watches, in such situation, without a receipt by a specialized shop with the special machine to verify perfect seal of the watch after battery substitution, warrenty is lost. Such warrenty for Salvimar lasts 2 years, excluding the battery of course.

To see and print the technical data sheet of the Salvimar One click here.

Web price

The Salvimar One is a very functional product, which does not have very evoluted functions present on other products from competition, but price is unbeatable and the functions, even though limited to the basic ones, are the most important and used, making also such computer watch very easy to use. We will anyway verify all this in the coming test in the sea.

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