The Pathos Saragos, Laser and Laser Carbon represent an amazing story of success of the Greek company in the spearfishing sector. The appreciation by the international markets of these spearguns has led Pathos to wait before changing something that worked excellently. This year though an important upgrade of the Pathos D’Angelo II handle and release mechanism have been make, as already briefly anticipated. Let’s now take a deeper look at the novelties of the Saragos and Laser lines, which will soon be side by side, and not at all substituted, by the Evo line. This we have presented as first international media at the World Première at the Boat & Fishing Show in Athens this year.

New Pathos D’Angelo II handle

New design of the handle

The first novelty of the new Pathos D’Angelo II is the design of the grip. As we know the handle angle and shape permit to have the speargun as natural extension of the arm. This helps to aim at best the fish before the shot. Especially in case of quick shots, typical of the ambush technique, the need of a very natural and intuitive aim is key. Such situation is common when fishing in shallow water, among the the waves, as it happens in the oceanic coast. These conditions will be very likely at the World Spearfishing Championship this year in Spain, on the northern coast of Laredo.

For such reason, now the design of the Pathos D’Angelo II is so that the extension of the chest support is thinner. In particular, it has been reduced from 12.8 mm to 9.8 mm, an important reduction of 3 mm (AP measures). This determines that the hand is much more aligned with the shaft and so is the index finger, which is the reference for the aim.

At the same time the chest support is longer to better help the loading of the speargun, especially with long versions. Such length has been increased from 50 mm to 58 mm (AP measures). These changes also improve the positioning of the hand that in general better fits to the handle.

Grip and safety lock

Also the new grip has been improved. Even though the design has not changed externally, the connection to the handle of the white rubber cover is now safer. In fact, there are four small notches that perfectly insure the connection of the grip to the handle, without the risk of the first sliding off the second.

Additionally, the safety lock of the release mechanism has been improved. The sliding of the system has been increased to better insure the lock in the on/off position. On the two sides of the sliding element the letters S on the left, for Safety, and F on the right for Fire, are now present for a clearer indication of the position of the lock.

Release mechanism

As for the new Pathos Evo spearguns we have given World Première news, also the new Pathos D’Angelo II handle has been improved in the release mechanism. In particular, the updated system has now a new geometry that determines the line release lever to have no interference at all with the tension of the monofilament.

The line release lever is still positioned on the upper part and has the shape of a pin. Many spearos in fact prefer such position as by simply grasping the monofilament with two fingers you can pull the line easily on top and around the pin. Such solution also avoids any risk of the speargun hitting on the lateral release lever and bending it, but also damaging the release mechanism itself. So, today Pathos offers the double solution with upper pin on the standard Laser and Saragos, and lateral release lever on the Saragos Evo and Laser Evo (both also with the Carbon versions).