Cressi Lumia – Great technology in a torch

They may all seem to be the same, especially for what concerns the functioning, but in reality torches have a lot of research put into them, at least the high quality ones. Cressi, with the new Lumia, has wanted to optimize every single component to obtain best light beam.


Designed and manufactured 100% in Italy, the Lumia has a plastic structure with thermoplastic rubber grip, black or yellow (the latter to be spotted in the water), that is also around the parabola, to protect and reduce noise due to bumps. The shape is strongly asymmtrical, permitting best grasp of the torch without having to look at it, and in a way to have the switch in the correct position. The latter has a shifting mechanism with security system. The intermediate position goes back to off due to a spring system, while going to the end the switch does not return to off anymore giving a fixed light.

The security loop has a spring regulated cursor that permits to vary the length of the loop itself, and, since this is made of elastic rubber, it can be slipped off in emergency situations in case the torch is blocked in some rock. Power supply is guaranteed by 4 AA Stilo batteries, alkaline or rechargeable.

The key components of the Lumia are though others, starting from the electronic circuit designed and produced by Cressi Electronics. This offers maximum lighting power, utilizing 80% of the batteries supply. When charge goes below 20% the torch switches to an intermittent mode. Also, the functioning with rechargeable batteries, which can be used on the Lumia, is optimal and permits maximum light intensity (often, in traditional torches, the use of rechargeable Stilo batteries determines lower light intensity). The circuit is complete with a switch that permits the increase of light intensity by 30%. In such a way, very useful in spearfishing, the torch can be kept on for maximum 3 minutes continuously, but then a security system swithces off the torch to avoid overheating. The torch switches off also if turned on, often accidentally, outside of the water. In fact being in air, instead of water, determines a much lower cooling of the lamp. To better control temperature of the torch, a special heat dissipator is present.

The LED is of the CRI value 5 type, the best quality of LEDs on a durability point; be careful when you buy a LED light then!

The LED is, in addition, designed to produce a neutral white light, that reflects much more natural colours respect to colder lights. The latter, by the way, tend to loose definition of the image. The conveyor is complete with a lens in ultra-transparent material, protected by an optical polycarbonate porthole, studied deeply to concetrate light beam within a 6° angle.

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