Cressi buoys line

Signal buoys are at the base of safety in the sea, and Cressi has presented 3 new models with very interesting solutions.

They are the Easy buoy, the Tonda buoy and the Signal Board, the new 2017 buoys by Cressi. Let us see in details all their characteristics, starting from two main aspects present in all three and key for safety: the homologated nauticalwhistle and the bright red colour.

Homologated nautical whistle

Easy, Tonda and Signal Board have standard a homologated nautical whistle, so something different from traditional whistles, such as the one with the internal ball and made of different parts, which can break or have the ball stuck, compromizing functionality of a key safety component. The standard whistle is in fact made of one single piece. Such component gives the possibility to recall the attention of the people on the boat or others when one is in difficulty. We remind, in fact, that a whistle has a sound power which is much higher than human voice, which, by the way, has a limit in duration and can fade away after a while, differently from a whistle.


Bright red colour

Cressi has studied for long the best colour for the buoy and, after various evaluateions, has defined that the bright red colour has important advantages, also compared to orange. From a visibility point of view, red is more visible especially in cloudy days, while it also is more durable and does not die away as quickly as orange.




Boa Easy


The name is certainly right due to the solutions it has. First of all, the Easy buoy, completely made on PVC, is complete with two 300 grams flat weights integrated in two pockets at its base. This solution balances automatically the buoy, without the need of buying additional weights as for most buoys sold on the market. Not only, the fact that the two weights are integrated in the PVC, this eliminates the possibility that weights get tangles with the line of the buoy. Great solution!


From a design point the Easy is made with a smaller diameter section in the centercompared to the traditional spherical buoy. Such solution permits to roll the 25 meters line around the buoy, without needing a line winder. Moreover, one can tie a small weight of 500 grams to the end of the line and use it to unroll the line simply throwing the weight in the water. Once the weight has reached the sea floor, the line can be tied to the buttonhole at the base of the buoy.

The design also permits, as Cressi indicates, an additional 30% more visible surfacecompared to the more traditional Competizione buoy, but the contact surface between the buoy and the water is unvaried, so there actually is no increase in friction when transferring the buoy on the water surface.

Tonda buoy


The Tonda buoy, in bright red colour, is made in texture with an internal PVC air chamber, with a lower net that permits the outflow of water and at the same time is resistant to tear on the rocks.


Two side handles make it easy to carry the buoy, while the detachable flag has the stick which can be inserted centrally to the buoy and is kept in place by the air chamber when this is fully inflated. Some can decide to increase the height of the flag using a longer stick and passing it through the lower part of the air chamber (making a hole) and the texture, that already has a hole.



As for the Easy, also the Tonda has standard two flat rectangular weights positioned at the bottom. In this case though, such weights are in pockets that open and close with Velcro. It is possible, with this solution, to make a hole in one of the two weights and use it as a pedagno.


On the upper part of the buoy a pocket with Velcro is present to store water resitant objects.

Signal Board


It is the solution to carry objects and spearguns, the Signal Board has the upper part in texture covered with PVC, that improves resistance and makes it water resistant, while the inferior part has the same net as the Tonda buoy.


Fundamental is the solution with double air chamber that protects in case of one of the two chambers being punctured, insuring anyway buoyancy. Not only, the two air chambers have an elongated shape from end to end of the buoy. This design avoids the float from bending centrally, as it can ahppen in other floats sold on the market that have two rectangular air chambers posizioned on the two ends of the float.

The upper part of the float has numerous systems for fixing objects. At one end of the float numerous elastic laces are present with spring clips for their adjustment., while on the other end three pockets with Velcro are positioned. At both sides and centrally three elastic bands are present, while on the sides and in the lower part there are 7 D shaped rings, and at the two ends there are two other D shaped ones of bigger size. Still on the lower part on one side are three adjustable bands with plastic passers, while on the other side the bands can be adjusted using the Velcro.




Very comfortable is the side handle that permits to carry the Signal Float even when full with objects and spearguns.


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