Omer has presented to AP the new line of rechargeable computer watches.

After having launched on the market the Sporasub SP1 and the UP-X1, the main difference with the new versions/models is the rechargeable option. New Sporasub SP2, Omer OMR-1 and UP-X1 R, where R stands evidently for “rechargeable”, have been now launched as 2016 novelties.

The recharge solution is easy and intelligent, as it uses the same cable supplied for the connection of the watch to the PC trough the USB slot. So no additional cable to bring around, and no new slot on the watch, solution that could bring to humidity entering inside and prejudice the reliability. Moreover, the connection between the cable and the watch is well designed and built, with small holes that help aligning the nipper of the cable to the contacts on the watch.  Such contacts are well built, with a flat design, aligned with the back of the back of the watch case; solution that helps reduce sald deposits and finally oxidation.

Omer OMR-1

Starting from the novelties ordered by increasing price, we find the Omer OMR-1. With price to the public (in Italy) equal to 239 €, the OMR-1 is the only watch in the offer that is sold together with three thongs, one Black and two mimetic (Blackmoon and Camu). Wow, maybe even too may! A black and a mimetic could have been sufficient, but we must say that, as these watches are also for everyday use, maybe some customers will want to choose the most fashion one. The Dive function is comfortable, as it ativates automatically when the watch touches water, and switches off in 30 seconds after the spearo exits the ater.  200 dives are recorded with infos on depth, dive time and water temperature indicated in real time. Also, surface time activates automatically and is indicated on the display when the diver is back on the surface.  The OMR-1 offers all the informations necessary for spearfishing, in addition to the time, stopwatch and countdown functions. The watch does not have, and it could have been easily added, the descent and ascent speed, very useful for freedivers; a function that is present on other computer watches, such as the Mares Smart Apnea, the Ratio and the Cressi Drake (that AP will soon present…stay tuned!)

Sporasub SP2

For additional 10 € (249 € list price to the public in Italy), the Sporasub SP2 is offerered. Complete with all the functions of the OMR-1, the SP2 is configurable through the cable connected to the PC. Recordable dives increase to 250, while there are no spare thongs. The cardio band is optional. This can be worn under the wetsuit, directly on the chest, and indicates instantly heart beat rate of the spearo and the freediver, monitoring in such way the the recovery status of the diver, with an informations that sums up to the diving and surface time, and that takes into consideration the psycophysical condition of the spearfisherman. It is in fact true that, depending on the day, on what you have eaten, on how you have slept, and also by the specific situation when you are in the water (sighting of a big prey, rough sea, situations that keep us more nervous), our psycophysical conditions can change, modifying considerably heart rate. Learning to know our body, we will be able to understand at which heart rate we are in a relax mode, good enough for the next dive.

Umberto Pelizzari UP-X1 R

Going significantly up with the price (339 €), we have the maximum level for diving, the UP-X1 R, evidently rechargeable, with PC connection for setup and data download, and cardio band as standard features. The cable for recharge is also used for setup with the PC using Dive Master software, just as the SP2. Recordable dives are 250. Practically we have the same functions as the SP2, but with the cardio band included. Moreover, the UP-X1 offers a very technological design, with real carbon fiber ferrule. We like the new OMER and UP-X1 badges with protective polished coverage.  Compared to the UP-X1 (not rechargeable and with Umberto Pelizzari’s signature), the badge is much more prtected and does not scratch with occasion bumps against the rocks or other objects.  Functions such as time, stopwatch, countdown, recording of maximum depth, diving time, and minimum temperature, are included. All of this data is downloadable and visible on PC, with a graph for each single dive, complete with heart rate in every moment of the dive. It is a pity that the cardio function does not record heart rate when out of water and on dry land, a function that would make of the UP-X1 R and the SP2 excellent also to record training during running or swimming.

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