Luciano Morelli has analyzed the new and extremely professional Mares Horizon 10 wetsuit for apnea indoor. Let us see his first impressions, waiting for the complete test by the Champion.

Once received the new Mares Horizon wetsuit size 2, this has resulted to be slightly too big for Luciano, who evidently, as it is common in professional indoor apnea, needs a very tight wetsuit to avoid that water enters inside and slows the glide. Still, Luciano has been able to make a first impressions analysis on the new Mares wetsuit, waiting for size 1, that will be available starting from January 2018, for a deep test in the pool, together with other products from competitors.


External design

External design is extremely endearing and precious, with silver and black colours, and white logos and writings in good evidence. In addition, the total absence of stitchings indicates a very high quality and extremely professional product. The external surface is in polyurethane to optimize the gliding in the water.


Cuts and bondings

Bondings appear well made and evidently permit to eliminate uncomfortable stitchings. Cuts generates an excellent comfort once the wetsuit is worn. Movements and breathing result to be optimal. 





The areas of ankles and wrists adhere perfectly, while Velcro closing of the neck has a lip which is a little too big, but can easily be cut with cisers.



Wearing and zip

Wearing the Mares Horizon 10 is relatively comfortable and does not require particular attentions, thanks also and in particular to the softness of the material. Clearly when I will receive size 1, I will try wearing it again for best evaluation, but with such soft neoprene I do not think there should be any problem. The rear zip is well made, strong and, when closed, prefectly hidden by the two lateral lips in neoprene.


First impressions in the water

The wetsuit tested, size 2, has resulted to be for me a little too large in the waist and underarms, so that after the first tests it was filled with water. Anyway, both movement and gliding sensations were optimal, as also the times registered. I am excited at the idea of trying the Mares Horizon 10 size 1, which is the correct one for my body.

Luciano Morelli

Luciano Morelli is Italian Champion 2017 of DNF-DYN monofin; Bronze Medal in DNF-DYN bifins and Silver Medal DYN monofin at the European Championshipo 2017 in Cagliari, Italy. At the World Championship 2016 at Lignano Sabbiadoro, Italy, he was Bronze Medal DYN monofin.