After having presented in the dossier on the best sling spearguns between 200 and 300 € the beautiful and extremely refined Meandros Argo BW full complete camo, here a second product from the Greek company based in Bulgaria, the Meandros b32 full complete camo.

Handle and release mechanism

Definitely the same handle and release mechanism as its cousin, the Meandros Argo, the Meandros b32 confirms a top-level offer.

The Leader B-32 handle is made of high-quality glass loaded composite material with extreme stiffness. It has an exceptionally low profile for the best alignment of hand, barrel, shaft and rubber bands and so best precision and efficiency of the shot, but also a great line of aim, helped by the convex profile of the sternal support.  It is complete with lateral wings for the positioning of the monofilament.

The grip is in rubber based material and is strongly anatomical for either left or right-handers, but is also available in a symmetrical less anatomical version. Colour choice in the speagun we received is orange elements such as reel, grip cover, safety system button, monofilament and Dyneema wishbones base, while the camo is a silver and black solution. 

Meandros b32 handle
Meandros b32 release mechanism

The release mechanism is 100% 316 stainless steel. The system is patented with an extreme inverted mechanism, gaining many cm compared to standard solutions, and so increasing the performance and efficiency of the shot. The patented system has a shaft auto-centering solution for the best precision of the shot. The distribution of the load on 3 different points makes the release very smooth and no wear of the components. The shaft locking safety system is extremely interesting with a sliding button in the hilt. The line release lever is positionable right or left.

Meandros release mechanism rendering


Meandros b32 barrel section

The barrel is what differs from the Argo, as here we have a specific almost circular section tube in aeronautical aluminum alloy and maximum external diameter of 32 mm, but with the sides being straight to give stiffness in the vertical direction, and thickness of the walls going from 1.5 to 2.1 mm.

The barrel is fully anodized (per piece, not per bar, for greater protection) and painted to give a very nice black and silver camouflage effect. The shaft guide is an open track integrated trapezium-shaped, hydroplaning guide. This trapezoid-shaped spear guide contacts the spear at 3 points, giving hydro-reduction with reduced friction. The connection barrel to handle and barrel to muzzle is guaranteed by plugs with O-rings for water sealing effect of up to 10 bar.

Lengths available are 85, 95, 105,115, 130 cm.

Meandros b32 barrel

Muzzle and elastic bands

With the double circular bands muzzle and 2X14mm diameter and 3.3 elongation coefficient, the Meandros b32 is powerful, but in this setup it is also easy to load and does not exceed with the power of the bands. Very slim-lined and hydrodynamic for best brandishing, the muzzle is made of glass loaded composite material, and the design permits easy and good positioning of the monofilament. The elastic bands are set in different positions and levels to avoid vibrations, obtain the best performance and cancel friction between each other. 

Meandros b32 muzzle
Meandros b32 muzzle inferior view

Shaft and Reel

The shaft is 6.5 mm 17.4 ph hardened steel, thermally treated, single barb, 4 small shark fins. The barb is machined to obtain a pointed tip. This solution ensures  that the barb will open no matter its position, as the tip will catch into the flesh of the fish upon encountering resistance

The reel on the Meandros b32 full complete camo is an L2 solution, but of course, all the beautiful and technical Meandros reels line can be mounted. Beautiful matching between reel, grip cover, safety button, camo and orange. 

Meandros b32 complete full camo

The price of the Meandros b32 full complete camo without the reel is 211 €.

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