The European company owned by Greek nationals, based in Bulgaria, producing mainly sling spearguns and accessories, are specialized in all sectors of spearfishing goods, that include amongst others their unique spearguns, mechanisms, reels and so on… The replacement mechanisms for upgrading braded spearguns of all makes are for sure one of the most interesting in the global market concerning special solutions that differ from most of the competition. Meandros, extremely confident on its products, has wanted to be present in the dossier with 4 different spearguns: b 28 – M4 complete, b 28 – M14 complete, b 28 – open complete and b 32 – complete.

This article is part of the dossier “Best sling spearguns between 100 and 200 €”

b 28 – M4 complete, b 28 – M14 complete, b 28 – open complete and b 32 complete

The b 28 – M4 complete, the b 28 – M14 complete and the b 28 – M14 Open complete have all a list pirce of 169 €. They are available in the lengths 60, 75, 85, 95, 105 cm. The b 32 complete has a list price of 200 €, so just falling inside this dossier, and is available in the lengths 85, 95, 105,115, 130 cm.

Meandros b28 M4
Meandros b28 M14
Meandros b28 Open
Meandros b 32 complete

Technical characteristics

Muzzle & bands

Meandros B 28 – M4 complete, B 28 – M14 complete and B 28 – open complete differ only in the muzzle and the consequent elastic bands solution. They are offered, in fact, respectively with the M4, M14 and open muzzles. The M4 is an open solution made of steel that has the possibility to close it with a steel wire, while the M14 is a closed muzzle also 100% stainless steel, in two very unique solutions by the Meandros.

Meandros b28 M4 muzzle & bands
Meandros b28 M4 muzzle & bands inferior view
Meandros b28 M14 muzzle & bands
Meandros b28 M14 muzzle & bands inferior view

The open muzzle is a more traditional solution with an open head and the possibility to mount a couple of circular bands. The connection of all muzzles to the barrel is obtained by a round female (the muzzle) part to a cylindrical male (the barrel) solution. The M4 works with a couple of standard parallel tied elastic bands of 18 mm diameter. The M14 works with a couple of standard parallel 18 mm diameter screw type elastic bands. The open muzzle is offered with one 18 mm diameter circular band, but can be, as said, upgrade with two circular bands. The wishbone of M4 and M14 spearguns received is articulated, tied to the bands in the first solution and screwed in the second, while the open speargun has a Dyneema tied to the bands solution. Also M4 and M14 can have a Dyneema wishbone.

The inferior part of the muzzle has a stainless steel passage for the line in the M4 and M14 solutions, while in the open muzzle solution (both b 28 and b 32) there is a stainless steel axle of good dimensions mounted on the glass loaded Nylon muzzle.

Meandros b28 Open muzzle & circular band
Meandros b28 Open muzzle & circular band inferior view

The b 32 complete has an open muzzle. made of glass loaded Nylon, with two separated passages for two double circular bands, that are standard 14 mm diameter and tied Dyneema wishbones. The design of the muzzle is extremely compact and with a shape which gives the two circular bands the right direction for best power and precision of the shot.

Meandros b 32 complete muzzle & double circular bands
Meandros b 32 complete muzzle & double circular bands inferior view

The barrel is made with a 28 mm external diameter aeronautical aluminium alloy tube for the b28 line and 32 mm for the b 32 line. Thickness of the walls of the tube of the barrel goes from 1 mm to 1.45 mm, thanks to a special design of the section which has vertical straight walls laterally, increasing definately the rigidity of the tube, especially in the vertical direction. The design includes the integrated shaft guide with V section. The tube is fully anodized black.


Meandros b 28 M4 barrel with integrated shaft guide & reinforced walls
Meandros b 28 M14 barrel with integrated shaft guide & reinforced walls


Meandros b 28 Open barrel with integrated shaft guide & reinforced walls
Meandros b 32 barrel with integrated shaft guide & reinforced walls
Meandros b 28 barrel section with reinforcements (b 32 has 29 mm internal diameter and 32 mm external)
Release mechanism

Release mechanism is made 100% stainless steel including the trigger. The inverted solution is so extreme that the shaft actually reaches back down to the rear part of the handle. The line release lever has a good shape to hold properly the line, and is in the modern and most efficient lateral position, also easily invertible left or right.

Meandros release mechanism

The security system is integrated in the hilt, another innovative solution by Meadros, and is switched on or off by a sliding left and right element that acts directly on the trigger.


The handles are respectively the Leader b 28 and Leader b 32 by Meandros. They have a very carved shape for best positioning of the hand, and the distance in height between the upper part of the hand and position of the shaft is extremely reduced for best alignment of the shot. Standard grip is not anatomical and is ambidextrous, non-slip and detachable. It can be substituted with the new anatomical grips in different colours rubber by Meandros.

Meandros b 32 and anatomical grips in different colours
Meandros b 32 complete with interchangeable anatomical various colurs grips

On the left and right side there are two “wings” that permit to best position the line away from the line of aim. This is also extremely clear thanks to the gun butt, one piece with the handle, of good dimensions and carved in the center. In the bottom part of the handgrip there is a large ring, one piece with the grip, for attaching a line.

Meandros handle right view
Meandros handle

On the b 28 versions the shaft is a 6.25 mm diameter single barb with notches, burnished. The b 32 shaft is a burnished 6.75 mm diameter, 3 shark fins of which the first one with a hole for the line and one single barb.

Comes with

Nylon line, sleeves and shock absorber.

In brief

The Meandros b 28 line complete and the b 32 complete are high-quality spearguns with extremely interesting unique solutions, that make them something to look at carefully and, for all Meandros line, to make us want to test them. All elements seem to be designed and manufactured at extremely high levels. The double option of the muzzle of the M4 with the open and closed solution makes the speargun a flexible offer for both experienced and less experienced spearos. The M14 is more focused for those who like closed muzzles, while the open gives the opportunity of the double circular band. The design of the M4 and M14 muzzles is really neat, but limits bands to one couple of standard ones. The b 32 is the robust and the more evolved line of spearguns that Meandros has to offer and that responds to the needs of the most demanding hunters that are not satisfied with simple tubular spearguns.

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