Beauty and quality seem to be emanated from every single component of the Meandros Argo bluewater full complete camo 85. Colors, details, technical solutions are brought to the extreme level in the segment of spearguns between 200 and 300 €, where this great speargun by the European company Meandros owned by Greek nationals, based in Bulgaria, is the first to be presented in relative dossier. It is the top of the line speargun by Meandros, produced in the lengths 85, 95, 105,115, 130 cm.

Handle and release mechanism

Meandros Argo bluewater full complete camo handle

The handle is made of high-quality glass loaded composite material with extreme stiffness. It has an exceptionally low profile for the best alignment of hand, barrel, shaft and rubber bands and so best precision and efficiency of the shot, but also a great line of aim, helped by the convex profile of the sternal support.  It is complete with lateral wings for the positioning of the monofilament.

The grip is in rubber based material and is strongly anatomical for either left or right-handers, but is also available in a symmetrical less anatomical version.

Meandros Argo bluewater full complete camo release mechanism

The release mechanism is 100% 316 stainless steel. The system is patented with an extreme inverted mechanism, gaining many cm compared to standard solutions, and so increasing the performance and efficiency of the shot. The patented system has a shaft auto-centering solution for the best precision of the shot. The distribution of the load on 3 different points makes the release very smooth and no wear of the components. The shaft locking safety system is extremely interesting with a sliding button in the hilt. The line release lever is positionable right or left.

Meandros release mechanism rendering


Meandros Argo bluewater full complete camo elliptical barrel
Meandros Argo barrel elliptical section

Definitely, a top of the line solution with its elliptical section (40.0 mm x 32.0 mm) that increases buoyancy thanks to the greater volume of air, still maintaining amazing stiffness, increased in the horizontal section, and improved lateral brandishing (slightly reduced vertically). The material is aeronautical aluminum alloy, where the minimum wall thickness of the tube is minimum 1.5 mm.

The barrel is fully anodized (per piece, not per bar, for greater protection) and painted to give a very nice black and blue camouflage effect. The shaft guide is integrated with the barrel and open track. The connection barrel to handle and barrel to muzzle is guaranteed by plugs plus O-rings for water sealing effect of up to 10 bar.



Muzzle and elastic bands

With the triple circular bands option, this is indeed an important muzzle. Very slim-lined and hydrodynamic for best brandishing, the muzzle is made of glass loaded composite material, it is complete with a special monofilament brocking system that definitely helps to keep the line and the shaft well in place, still absorbing irrelevant power to the shot. Inside the muzzle there is a stainless steel ballast, weighing up to 5 gr, for precise balance. The three elastic bands of 13 mm diameter have an elongation coefficient of 330%. They are set in different positions and levels to avoid vibrations, obtain the best performance and cancel friction between each other. 

Meandros Argo bluewater full complete camo triple elastic band muzzle
Meandros Argo bluewater full complete camo triple elastic band muzzle inferior view

Shaft and Reel

The shaft is 7.0 mm diameter, single barb, shark fins, in 17.4 ph thermally treated hardened steel.  The barb is machined to obtain a pointed tip. This solution ensures  that it will open no matter its position as the tip will catch into the flesh of the fish upon encountering resistance

The reel on the Meandros Argo bluewater full complete camo is a L2 solution, but of course all the beautiful and technical Meandros reels line can be mounted. Beautiful matching between reel, grip cover, safety button, camo and monoline blu. 

Meandros Argo bluewater full complete camo L2 reel

For full data chart of the Meandros Argo bluewater 85 complete full click here.

The list price of Meandros Argo bluewater full complete camo is 352 €, but this includes the reel and the line, so evidently, the price without reel will be just below 300 €. With the Meandros Argo a speargun bag (of soft not water-resistant material) and a nice Meandros T-shirt are included.