As already underlined in the below 100 € dossier, Mares is well known for its first class quality, as in recent years the company has launched extremely good spearguns, even though recently the renewal of the sling spearguns line has been a little bit weak.

This article is part of the dossier “Best sling spearguns between 100 and 200 €”

Mares Viper Pro DS

Mares Viper Pro DS

The Mares Viper Pro DS has very specific characteristics that certainly make it a unique product in the this dossier, where it positions itself in the highest part of the dossier price-wise, with the list price of the 75 (shortest version) set at actually just above 200 €, while it is the Mares Viper Pro (same speargun but with single band) to be set, in the 75 version, with a list price of 185 €. Still the best discounted price on internet of the Mares Viper Pro DS 75 is 145 €, a strong offer, in the moment this article has been published. The line up of Mares Viper Pro DS is completed by 90, 100, 110 and 120. You can check the latest best guaranteed on-line price offer of the Mares Viper Pro DS at this link.

Technical characteristics

Muzzle & bands
Mares Viper Pro DS muzzle & bands

Mares Viper Pro DS has a compact muzzle with open solution, but also includes a dismountable bridge that closes the muzzle for a more standard option: a good flexible and easy option. Elastic bands are circular and double, and specifically the 16 mm diameter S-Power Speed. The muzzle is made of P66 30% glass loaded Nylon. The line passage on the inferior part is very compact and made with steel wire. The wishbone is in Dyneema.

Mares Viper Pro DS muzzle & bands inferior view

The barrel is 28 mm diameter in anodized aluminum. Shaft guide is integrated in the barrel for best shot precision and reinforcement of the structure. Thickness of the walls of the tube of the barrel is equal to 1 mm.

Mares Viper Pro DS barrel
Release mechanism

Release mechanism and trigger are made with of AISI 316L (corrosion resistant stainless steel). The compact line release lever is also in AISI 316L steel, and is positioned on the right side with no possibility to move it to the left.

Mares Viper Pro DS release mechanism

The security system is also on the right side of the handle, made of a lever of medium dimensions, well feelable by the spearo, but only if right hander. Somehow this speargun does not really consider specific adaptations to left handers, apart for the symmetrical grip.


The handle has an anathomical left and right hander shape and is made of 30% glass loaded poliammide (Nylon) 6, with a specific anatomical rear cover in orange LAPRENE ® (SEBS), a compound base of Stirene-Etilene-Butilene-Stirene, with also special segments to additionally improve anti slip effect. In addition, the Mares Viper Pro DS includes the special handle grip KJ, that can be substituted to the standard one. The KJ has a large base that improves the control of the speargun when brandishing it.

Mares Viper Pro DS handle with two interchangeable grips right view

The hilt is designed to mount a Vertical Spiro Reel 65 (for best guaranteed on line price click here), which is included with the Viper Pro. In  the advanced part of the handle area two “wings”, one on each side, for the positioning of the line, a useful solution to “clean” the line of aim. In the bottom part of the handgrip there is a ring of good dimensions and same material as the grip, dismuountable, for positioning a line. In the rear part the handle a well shaped and good dimensions dismountable gun butt for loading the speargun is present.


The shaft is the “Speed” 6.5 mm diameter tahitian in PH-17-4 burnished stainless steel with single barb and three shark fins all with one hole for the line passage.

Comes with

Vertical Spiro Reel 65, special handle grip KJ, nylon line and sleeves and shaft barb red silicone O-ring holder.

In brief

In general the Mares Viper Pro DS has been included in the dossier as we have received this product, but most probably the right speargun to enter the 100 – 200 € range would have been the Mares Viper Pro. Still, difference is limited to the single or double circular band and the Dyneema or articulated steel wishbone. Both spearguns are indeed complete with many top level technical solutions and also completed with reel and double grip, surely two element to be considered when evaluating the final price.

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