After a long waiting, the new Viper, the top of the line Mares feediving and spearfishing mask, is finally on the market.

Manufaturing process

The extremely technologically advanced Viper mask has taken quite a while to be ultimated, even though it had been announced already last year. The new mask by Mares is the top of the line mask by Pure Instinct, and has its main feature in the frameless construction, meaning it has no external chassis. This solution has also been launched on the market this year by Salvimar, with the Noah, and last year by SEAC, with the L70 (this year also with the M70, the green or coloured versions of the L70).

The Viper has, compared to the other products on the market, extremely interesting unique features. First of all, the internal chassis, made of glass-filled nylon, light and resistant, in addition to being stamped directly on the lenses, a solution also used on Noah and M70, is completely incorporated from the silicone of the facial. It will be possible to feel by the touch how the chassis is covered with silicone also in the area around the lenses, differently from Salvimar and SEAC products. This solution aims to avoid any possible detachment of the chassis from the lenses and the facial.

Innovative facial

The facial is shaped, with particular attention, on the ergonomy of the face, and takes inspiration from the face profile of the legendary “Ventosa” mask, from which the Viper also reproduces the “no internal lip” solution. To obtain maximum watertight effect, the profile angle of the Viper on the face has been deeply studied, looking for an almost parallel position of the facial contour and the face, obtaining maximum surface contact between facial and diver’s skin. Result, Mares says, is great sealing, absolute comfort, easyness in equalizing, and absence of unaesthetic signs on the face after long spearfishing sessions. Often, we know, one finds himself fishing for hours, and then needs quickly to go to an appointment, often with the family, worse if for work, and finds himself with the face signed by the mask profile, on the forehead, the cheeks and the cheekbones. So, if confirmed, the latter is also an important advantage.

Another key element is the extremely reduced internal volume, thanks to lens that are very close to the eyes and permit to increase significantly the field of view. Evidently, we will need to test deeply the mask to verify this key and delicate point, since this solution can eventually lead to eye lids being in contact with the lenses, and so penalize considerably visual comfort. This aspect, though, Mares says, has been specifically looked after. It is true that from a first impression outside the water, the comfort is absolutely outstanding.

The aergonomical buckles have a double regulating button and are connected directly to the facial, a solution today much used to obtain better adherence of the mask to the face.


Design of the Viper has functional and aesthetic aspects. For sure the Viper astonishes for the beauty and its neat lines, starting from the seamless plane, that goes from the forehead to the tip of the nose, and that offers, as Mares says, outstanding hydrodinamics (a true aspect, that though probably has a minor effect on overall hydrodinamic of the diver). This is a different design from Noah mask by Salvimar, which is also a very endearing product. Salvimar explains the step in the area between the forehead and the nose, underlining the effect of such solution is to give more space to such parts of the face and so to be able to take the lenses even closer to the diver’s eyes. We will soon verify, through a test in the sea, our impressions on such point.

Superficial silicone finishes

Great work and attention has been put by Mares in the design and manufacturing of the surfaces of the silicone, where the internal part of the facial is made with a matt soft touch/antiglare treatment, which is also extremely nice to touch. The functional aspect is evidently to elimnate any reflect and improve visibility. Differently, the internal profile of the facial, in those areas that come to contact with the face, has a smooth polished surface which improves watertight effect. Also, the external part of the facial surface is almost completely matt, with two areas in the upper part of the nose which are polished, simply to offer a more pleasant aesthetic design.

In conclusion, the Viper is a prodcut which has been studied in every single aspect and detail, from hydrodinamic, to the extremely reduced internal volume, to the antiglare surfaces, to, last but not least, extremely fascinating design. We will verify with a test if all these measures obtain the wanted final results.

The Viper is already available in black colour, while the brown and green colours will be available starting from the beginning of 2016. Indicative list price, with no discount, is 45€.

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