In brief

The new Mares Strike spearguns line finally renews the offer by the company based in Italy. The Strike Element, Strike and Strike Polygon, moving from the most economical to the richest version, are full of interesting new solutions.

The new handle

A completely new handle, including the release mechanism, position the Mares Strike line in the “modern” segment of traditional spearguns.

The release mechanism

The new release mechanism has requested months of testing. It has included the design of specific machines able of evaluating the power applied to the shaft. The “box” where the mechanism is held is made of 100% stainless steel in a lamellar structure. The internal leverages are long to be able to act through the trigger with very small effort. This, also with heavy loads applied by the rubber bands. The trigger has a flat vertical surface for a better general feeling. Internally the system has a metal wheel that transforms sliding friction in rolling friction, which is much lower. This determines greater smoothness in the release and longer life of the components. The lateral line release lever is of good dimensions and well curved design, to perfectly hold the monofilament. The lever can be easily positioned on one or the other side releasing a screw.

The grip

A completely new grip with anatomical symmetrical design. Both the front and the rear of the grip have a softer material yellow high visibility cover. This is not visible while the spearfisherman holds the speargun, but instead is extremely visible when the gun is left on the sea floor. The lower part has another yellow element with a passage for the connection to the buoy or the elastic band for big fish hunting. Another yellow component is the safety system of small dimensions, but that Mares underline being perfectly perceptible by the diver. Another important detail are the big dimension lateral wings that permit to position the line and clear the aiming line. For the same reason, the chest support one piece with the handle, has an accentuated U shape on the upper profile. The design of the handle permits to have the hand holding it very high and almost on the same line with the shaft. 

The barrel

The barrel is a 28 mm external diameter extruded aluminium element. In the Strike and Strike Polygon the barrel has an integrated shaft guide, that improves both the line of aim and the stiffness (especially vertical). The Strike Element has the same diameter but without the integrated shaft guide. The Strike Polygon barrel has a special camouflage that absorbs the ultraviolet rays which can be seen by the fish, and so achieves a better occultation. 

The muzzle

A lot of work has been put in the design of the open muzzle, which is completely new. The first aim was to obtain a solution which would permit elastic bands to position themselves almost perfectly parallel to the shaft. This reduces friction in the release phase and also permits maximum efficiency, as the power of the bands is perfectly directed along the line of the shaft. All together, power and precision are improved. Finally the muzzle is a great work, but of greater dimensions compared to competition.

The reel

New reel for the Mares Strike line is standard on Strike and Strike Polygon, while it optional on the Strike Element. It is a new concept, a 50 meters line horizontal solution, different from the traditional vertical one by Mares. It has a new micro-metric clutch which permits to perfectly regulate the tension on the line. Interesting to know that the reel support connection on the barrel has the Roller System hook, so it is possible to modify any speargun of the Strike line to a Roller solution simply changing the muzzle and the elastic bands. Mares, though, does not at the moment offer a roller system muzzle. 

The elastic bands and settings

The Strike Element is the entry level of the Mares Strike line. It is offered with single 17 mm circular band in all the lengths. These are 55, 75, 90 and 100 cm. The elastic band is a new product in indigo color. This absorbs the ultraviolet light and, just as the barrel, be less visible to fish. The elongation coefficient of the 17 mm diameter is 320 and has a progressive behavior. The shaft is a 6 mm diameter Tahitian 17-4 PH steel shaft with shark fins. Reel not included.

The Strike is offered has the additional length of 115 compared to the Strike Element. Single circular 17 mm diameter elastic band as on the Element for the lengths 55, 75 and 90. The lengths 100 and 115 have instead double circular bands of 14 mm diameter and 350 elongation coefficient. The shaft is the same type as for the Element but has a 6.5 mm diameter. The reel is included.

The Strike Polygon is offered in the same lengths and characteristics as the Strike. All the lengths are though with double 14 mm bands and 7 mm shaft. The barrel is of course camouflaged.