After having presented the Mares Merge, today we analyze the Mares Polygon, the second new 2021 wetsuit by Mares, which has in common with the Merge the polygon Indigo camouflage.

Materials and protections

Made with Sheico internally open-cell and externally lined neoprene (89% polyester and 11% Lycra to resist tear and abrasion), with the very special and intelligent solution of using double thickness sheets for the different areas of the jacket, the Mares Polygon 80/65 (this solution is used only on such version) is indeed a clever solution. On the chest, elbows and back the neoprene is 8 mm thick, while on the forearms, underarms and hood, the thickness is reduced to 6.5 mm, giving better elasticity and softness in some areas, and great thermal protection in others.

The chest has a + 5mm internal patch in the sternal position, while externally a rubber print of small hexagonal shapes that have an anti-slip and anti-wear effect, while the segmented pattern reduces the rigidity effect of the rubber print.

Mares Polygon chest protection

As on the Mares Merge, a specific analysis is needed for the Mares Polygon indigo camouflage. On one side the dark indigo color is one of the most absorbing ones for what concerns UV rays, which are not visible to human beings, but according to a number of researches, they are to fish. This is why in fishing with rods the artificial baits are instead made of colors that totally reflect UV so they are visible to fish. Another aspect is the fact that the polygon camo from a certain distance (fish see quite well close to an object but have a totally blurry view from meters away) becomes more undistinguished for the fish and somehow gets confused with the seafloor, determining another important camo effect for the spearo. 

Finishings and cuts

The Mares Polygon has a very soft and comfortable face contour solution, with a 1.5 cm wide band of sandwich neoprene and the edge in smooth outside and lined internally folded neoprene. The same applies to the wrists and ankles

The lower part of the jacket of the Mares Polygon internally is totally open-cell except for a very small area at the front where the Velcro band for a precise closure is positioned. This allows for good sealing when the open cell neoprene of the jacket comes to contact with the externally smooth Sandwich neoprene 8 cm high band of the upper pants, improving thermal insulation.   

The beavertail is well made and reinforced with a thick elastic Nylon lining that goes all the way along the inferior border of the jacket. 

The underarm area is made with a rhomboidal neoprene patch to adapt to the body of the spearo. 

The rear of the jacket has a cetral seam to better adapt the neoprene to the spearo’s body. 

The cap and the neck of the wetsuit have been redesigned for the best adaptation and comfort for the spearo. The chin closure of the cap has no stitching internally for maximum comfort of the skin.

The high waist pants are definitely higher in the front to protect the stomach from cold. Height from the crotch of the trousers is 45 cm at the front and 40 cm at the rear. 

Special solutions

Certainly, the use of two thicknesses of neoprene on the 8.0-6.5 mm Mares Polygon is a simple but absolutely intelligent choice. On top of this, the special Indigo Polygon camouflage generates for sure much interest. The water stop on the pants waist is also a good option.

Plus and Minus


  • Special solutions are often a plus, such as the differentiated thickness neoprene areas on the jacket
  • Water stop
  • Special Indigo camouflage
  • Folded neoprene on face, wrists and ankles is a good finishing


  • An externally totally lined wetsuit can be cold when wet out of water

To download the tech data of the Mares Polygon click here.