Mares Infinity 30 wetsuit is made for the sea, with the possibility of adding a separated 3 mm hood.

Cut of the Infinity 30 is the same as its cousin wetsuit, the Horizon 1.0, already analized by Champion Luciano Morelli. Thickness is 3 mm, evidently focused on the use in colder water compared to the pool, but still maintaining first level material and technical characteristics.

External design

Metallized grey and black colours are present as on the Horizon 1.0, but inverted in their positions, so with prevalence of black and two grey stripes that go from internal part of the arms down to the ankles, which are also in grey, such as the wrists.


Neoprene is of medium density. Externally the Infinity is bonded, without showing stitchings. In addition, a key aspect for the optimization of the gliding in the water, the smooth external surface is covered with a layer of polyurethane.

Cut and internal design

Internally the Infinity has an elastic Nylon lining, and special inserts in super stretch material in the torax, underarm and bottom of the zip areas. All the neoprene parts have internal non-passing seams, with also special Nylon “buttons” in the points of triple connections of neoprene parts, so to have an additional reinforcement of these more critical areas.

(Above: different aspect of the internal lining with elastic Nylon or super stretch material)

Such buttons also have the important role of fixing perfectly the end of the seams so that the line does not open up. The same kind of reinforcement is applied with a strap on the lower part of the zip.


On wrists and ankles a very neat orthogonal seam is positioned on the closure of the two parts of neoprene, giving additional reinforcements to critical areas that are stressed during wearing and unwearing phases and also need to be extremely tight to avoid too much water flowing in the wetsuit.


The cut is exactly the one of the Horizon 1.0, evaluated by Luciano Morelli as extremely good, both for comfort and breathing. Ankles and wrists are perfectly sealed and the neck, with velcro strap closure, is perfectly refined internally, offering comfort and good sealing.


Wearing and zip

Wearing the Mares Infinity is highly comfortable and does not need particular attentions, thanks also and in particular to the softness of the material, even though it is now 3 mm instead of the 1 mm of the Horizon, and certainly seams, even though they guarantee higher strength, limit the elasticity of the neoprene. The rear closing zip is well made, strong and well covered by two layers of neoprene.