Extremely interesting and well designed, the Mares IAGO knife has practically all one needs: unblocking and straightening system for shafts, anatomic asymmetrical handle with soft insert, and blade with serration on both sides and PVD treatement.

When a company designs and manufactures a product that is really complete, we like writing about it. Mares in this case, with IAGO knife, has launched on the market a very complete and refined product.

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Undoubtedly the anatomic and asymmetrical shape of the handle rapresents an interesting study and permits a better grip compared to the symmetrical solutions. Still, one will need a little more time to position the handle in the right way in the hand. We will verify this better with the test in the water of the IAGO. The length of the handle, measured equal to 128 mm, permits to holt to it with the entire hand, except for those spearos with particularly big hands.

The part of the handle on the side of the finger tips has a rough surface as anti-slip, while on the opposite side, where the thumb is positioned, an interesting soft material insert, of the traditional Mares orange colour, guarantees better adherence when pression and levereging with the blade of the knife, using the thumb.


In the terminal part of the handle the classic hole is present, useful for the passage of a line that can avoid loosing the knife accidentally.


The blade is the most interesting part of the Mares IAGO, starting from the superficial PVD treatment, a technology that comes from the aerospace sector. Practically, it is a treatment, absolutely ecological, that consists in vaporizing a metallic material in a vacuum chamber. The PVD can reach really high hardness values (2000-2500 HV) and is optimal for those components that need to be resistant to oxidsant and corrosive agents, but also to shocks and abrasions, exactly like the blades of diving knives. We will check both resistance to mechanical stress and to oxidation during the test in the water.


Another aspect of the blade is the fact that both sides are serrated, and these, as far as Mares indicates, permit a cutting capacity which is much higher than traditional smooth profile blades. In theory, such solution should last very long and avoid the problem of diving with a knife that has lost its cutting characteristics, meaning an unsafe knife.

Moreover, the blade has a central hole with a cut that work as shaft unblocker and straightener, two solutions that should be present on all spearfishing knives, and that can help saving your shaft, and you spearfishing day!



Made in glass loaded Nylon,  a much more resistant material compared to simple Nylon, which absorbs water in time, the sheath of the Mares IAGO has a blocking system of the knife that works with an elastic spring lever. By pressing on the lever the knife is freed from the sheath, while inserting the IAGO back in place the blocking is automatic. Such solution, certainly more evoluted than the simple rubber ring system, is more rapid and does not present the issue of possible breakage of the ring. Still, there is sometimes the issue of not positioning the knife correctly down in the sheath, so that the clip does not close and the knife is not secured and can be lost.


The fixing of the knife to the body can be done by positioning it on the weight belt, or on the calf with two rubber bands and fast release buckles.