A torch that makes of its simplicity its strength is certainly the Mares EOS.


The main body of the Mares EOS is in glass loaded Nylon, the classic material utilized in diving to manufacture strong, light and salt water resistant equipment and components. The body is designed with a slightly anatomical shape, with lines to improve grip, flat on the side of the switch and the opposite one. The head is made in black anodized aluminium for best dispersion of the heat produced by LED circuit. 

After measurement, the body has maximum diameter equal to 3.6 cm, while the head has diameter equal to 4.3 cm. Total length of the EOS torch is measured equal to 17.6 cm.

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The switch is also in glass loaded Nylon, of small dimensions and in Mares orange colour, positioned on a 6 mm thick rectangular base (2.9 x 1.8 cm).

The functioning is with sliding movement on-off position, with elastic return, for maximum simplicity and reduced battery consumption (there is no stable “on” position). Such automatic return of the switch also reduces risk of forgetting the torch on.



Among the best solutions on the market, the lace of the Mares EOS puts together simplicity and practicality. Made of natural rubber, the lace is elastic and so fits better on the arm, with no risk of sliding and losing position during the dive. At the same time, also safety is guaranteed thanks to the differentiated thickness of the lace, that on one side permits easy regulation with a glass loaded Nylon element, on the other gives the possibility to break the lace itself if the torch accidentally gets stuck in the sea floor (rocks or other).

LED and power

A single LED permits to generate, with 4 AA 1.5 V Alkaline batteries, a luminous flux of 290 lumen.Light temperature is indicated by Mares equal to 6750°K. The light flow, thought specifically for spearfishing, has a central spot with a solid angle equal to 5° degrees. Reflector is made in polycarbonate, while the lens is in hardened 3 mm thick glass.




Battery life

Batteries are 4 AA 1.5 V Alkaline (not included). These permit to have an exceptional life of 8 hours at constant power. Also rechargeable batteries can be used, though loosing some light power and duration.

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