The Apnea Instinct is the Mares wetsuit for freediving in the sea.

We have analyzed the 5 mm, both for pants and jacket, Mares Apnea Instinct, which has an integrated cap.

External Design

Black externally with white inserts, the Apnea Instinct is made with open cell inside and lined outside (Nylon) neoprene. Such solution makes the Apnea Instinct warm and resistant to wear, but less competitive froma  pure performance point than its cousin Infinity, wihich has externally smooth neoprene (polyurethane covered).

Neoprene has external non-passing through seams. So the external surface of the Instinct will glide with a little more friction than the smooth external neoprene with no seams of the Infinity, but will surely be more resistant and warmer thanks to the open cell inside, which will also make it more difficult to wear.

Closure of the jacket is with beaver tail and two buttons.

Cuts and thicknesses

Cut of the Mares Apnea Instinct is evidently made for the comfort of the arms when held upward in the classic freediving position. Important and particular is the fact that the 5 mm version of the Instinct has differentiated thicknesses of the neoprene, with a 3.5 mm solution around wrists and ankles, face contour and waist of the pants. This helps increase comfort. Medium density neoprene has the aim of maintaining good elasticity, still controlling squeeze in deep dives.

Trousers have high waist, with the tipical Mares solution, of having a higher profile frontally on the stomach (45 cm from the inseams) compared to the back (39 cm from the inseams).


Very neat are the seams, external and non-passing through the neoprene. Internal seams, still very small and refined, are present only in the closure of wrists, ankles, chin and waist of the pants.

The area behind the knees has two horizontal seams that are shifted respect to the line of bending of the leg, so to avoid any possible reduction of comfort.

The waist area of the jacket has an internally lined zone just in the semi-circular part where the buttons are positioned.


Mares Apnea Instinct is available in the Instinct 17 version, with same cuts and neoprene of the 5 mm one, but all in 1.7 mm thickness. Very interesting is the fact that also the women cut version is available, a specific care by Mares that is present in all the freediving range of wetsuits, giving women best comfort and putting in evidence the effort made by Mares in the freediving sector.