A Tank model of fins was offered some time ago by the head brand C4 Carbon, and we presented it. Today H.Dessault by C4 Technology brings to market the evolution of such model, with the Tank and the Pershing fins. We have analyzed the second ones, the H.Dessault Pershing fins by C4 Technology.

They are thought for rough Winter conditions, with waves, when good acceleration united and compact dimensions are needed.

Fin blade


Shorter than the ones of a traditional long fin, the blades of the H.Dessault Pershing are not too short. Compared with the Tank model, where the blades are 70 cm long, the ones of the Pershing are 78 cm. They are in fact thought for those rough sea conditions present many time in the year in the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. Additionally, such conditions require anyway deeper dives than the Mediterranean, where the Tank are thought for. The width of the blade from water rail to water rail is 19 cm.


The H.Dessault Pershing fins are 100% carbon fiber. The carbon fiber used is a T300, a Twill structure with very good mechanical properties united with good value for money.

Water rails

The water rails mounted (glued) on the the H.Dessault Pershing fins are the Elastic K-10 model. These are simple but refined at the same time. In fact, the apparently basic design includes a concave section facing the inside of the blade. This solution additionally helps to keep the water sliding along the blade, instead of exiting laterally. Such result brings to better thrust generated at every kick. Moreover, the small and low section (measured equal to 14.7 mm) of the water rails does not interfere almost at all with the performance of the blade.

O.P.S. Technology

The O.P.S. Technology, Overmoulding Protection System, is a special advanced solution that fuses the thermorubber to the carbon fiber blade. It is utilized on the H.Dessault Pershing, just as on the Tank, to protect the tip of the blade whish is often at risk of hitting the rocks, especially in rough sea conditions and shallow water. This “tongue” at the tip together with the long water rails all along the sides of the generate a 360° rubber protection all around the blade, closed by the foot-pocket.

350 footpocket

The H.Dessault 350 footpocket is the new offer by the brand. The H.Dessault Pershing blades can also be mounted on the C4 250 footpockets.


The footpockets mounted on the H.Dessault fins are the 350, with short side rails which do not interfere with the functioning of the blade. This also makes assembly and disassembly of the blade quick and simple and the size optimal in case of air travel. The pre-shaped angle is equal to 3°, as now standard on all C4 Carbon family footpockets. This generates a very comfortable fit, adapting perfectly to most feet.


The H.Dessault 350 footpocket is made with TPE 75 ShA polymer. This material helps energy transmission to the blade improving the efficiency of the fins. The study of the geometries has allowed C4 to obtain minimum thicknesses, allowing the weight of the 350 footpocket in size 41/42 to be reduced to just 350 grams (we have actually measured the footpocket without connection system, size 42-43, and weighed 325 grams). The H.Dessault 350 footpocket is one material and has no internal rigid sole. It can we worn hosting the very comfortable Egonomic fins insoles by MB Concept&Design (Marco Bardi).