Meccanica Innovativa – Titanall

Meccanica Innovativa Srl is an Italian company that works in one of the most demanding engineering, the aeronautical sector. The company works with companies and projects such as Boeing, Atr, C27j, Ssj, P68 and Piaggio Aerospace. Meccanica Innovativa, based in Caserta, southern Italy, has 30 years of experience and possesses the tools for designing, manufacturing and producing high quality metal components. A branch of the company, Titanall, just as the name indicates, produces 100% titanium components for spearfishing, from reels, to the elements of the muzzle, such as pulleys for roller systems, to the new fish stringer and much more. The technology is extremely high thanks to titanium, in particular to the Ti6AL4V grade 5 alloy, and to the numerical control machines for processing the components.

Titanall reels

Ti6AL4V grade 5 titanium alloy

Titanium is indeed an excellent material. Discovered in the second half of the 18th century by the chemist Heinrich Klaproth, it has experienced a growing and continuous success in production since the Luxembourg metallurgist William Justin Kroll discovered the possibility of commercial use thanks to the production with a method that is still used today and is known as “Kroll trial”. It is an excellent material, especially because it has the same strength as steel despite being 40% lighter and has twice the strength of aluminum while it only weighs 60% more.

Meccanica Innovativa – Titanall numerically controlled machining

Ti6AL4V stands for titanium, with 6% aluminum and 4% vanadium. Among all titanium alloys, grade 5 is the most widely used worldwide (50% of total consumption), an excellent compromise between high mechanical performance, lightness and high corrosion resistance.

Titanall fish holder

Extremely refined, thanks to the numerical control processing and the high quality mechanical characteristics, thanks to the use of titanium, this product is currently available in two different versions, the standard and the knife solution.

Titanall fish stringer in standard and knife version

Both have multiple functions: fish holder, rod puller, straighter for shafts and prongs, pulls knots and fish scaler (side with knurled profile). The knife version has the tip in the shape of a small knife that cannot really replace the main one, but can be a good second safety knife and valid for eviscerating fish.

Titanall fish strinder with shaft straightening system
Fish stringer Titanall

Dimensions and weight

Titanall fish stringer standard and knife

All values ​​were measured by ApneaPassion. The Titanall fish holder is really light, only 25 grams for the standard version and 20 grams for the knife version. The case, made of nylon, weighs 15 grams. Keep in mind that the nylon case of the standard version does not fit the knife version one and vice versa, since the design varies slightly to adapt to the two different shapes.

Titanall fish stringer standard and knife

The dimensions of the two fish stringers are: length 158 mm (standard version) and 141 mm (knife version), base width 12 mm, maximum width 14 mm, base width of the tip 6 mm, height 5.8 mm. Internal diameter of the two main holes (to straighten the shafts and extract the shafts) 7.6 mm. The length of the knife is only 39.5 mm.

Titanall standard and knife fish stringer


The indicative price for the standard version is 35 €, while the one for the version with knife is 45 €.

General comments

Titanall is a solution of the highest level, made with top quality materials and high-tech processes. The Titanall fish holder is not really a simple fish holder, but much more, with multiple functions generally delegated to the best fishing knives.

It is evident, also from the dimensions, that the standard version can be a better solution in some conditions when the entire length of the instrument is needed, for example when you need a good lever to release the rod or straighten it. The knife version has the advantage of having the blade, which is however very small, certainly excellent for eviscerating fish, but can also be of help as a second knife, especially if you lose the main knife at sea during the spearfishing action. However, when using the solution to straighten the shaft, and in particular the option to unhinge the shaft, care must be taken to correctly hold the fish stand with the knife included, being careful not to exert pressure on the blade. In conclusion, two high-level products, obviously with an aligned price, but which can be a small useful treasure to own.