The French company selling a complete range of spearfishing and freediving equipment, and well present in Europe, but also in all the 5 continents, proposes for this dossier a very interesting and attractive sling speargun, the Epsealon Striker Pro.

This article is part of the dossier “Best sling spearguns between 100 and 200 €”.

Epsealon Striker Pro

Epsealon Striker

The Epsealon Striker Pro is definately a very complete solution set in the very upper part of the dossier with a list price that starts for the 90 cm black version at 198 €, and is offered at a discounted price on internet equal to 142.99 € in the moment this article has been published. The line up of Epsealon Striker Pro is made of the 90, 100, 110 and 120. You can check the latest best guaranteed on-line price offer of the Epsealon Striker Pro at this link.

Technical characteristics

Muzzle e bands
Epsealon Striker Pro muzzle & double circular bands
Epsealon Striker Pro muzzle & double circular bands inferior view

Epsealon Striker Pro comes with double circular Firestone bands (100% natural rubber made in USA) of 16 mm diameter and tied Dyneema wishbone. The muzzle is extremely compact with an open solution, and the passages of the two bands are actually open themselves to better adapt to the diameter of the circulars. Material of the muzzle is 30% fiberglass loaded Nylon 6 for best resistance to wear and humidity. The line passage on the inferior part of the muzzle is made with a steel axle of good dimensions, that is definately a resistant solution and also very compact, maybe a little more tricky when inserting the line compared to other options.


The barrel is cylindrical tube of 28 mm of diameter in black anodized aeronautical aluminium of 1.2 mm thick wall and integrated shaft guide.

Epsealon Striker Pro barrel with integrated shaft guide
Release mechanism

Release mechanism, trigger and openwork loading support (in one same piece) are made in stainless steel 316L. The line release lever, also in 316L steel, is positioned laterally and invertible left or right.

Epsealon Striker Pro release mechanism

The security system is lateral and adjustable by a special slidable button/piston, but not particularly “feelable” with the hand once spearo is holding the Epsealon Striker Pro.


The handle has an anatomical left and right hander shape and is made of 30% glass loaded Nylon 6, with lateral inserts to the grip and the loading support in red SEBS (Styrene-ethylene-butylene-styrene), with spiked surface for best anti-slip effect. In the inferior part a small passage for the line is designed one piece with the handle.

Epsealon Striker Pro handle right view
Epsealon Striker Pro handle left view

The shaft is a 7 mm Sandwik steel solution with 4 shark fins (two of which with line passage hole) and single barb.

Comes with

The Epsealon Striker Pro includes a 50 m Echo reel (empty), shock absorber, nylon line, sleeves and shaft barb holder O-ring.

In brief

The Epsealon Striker Pro is indeed very complete and offers solutions for a powerful shot with the double circular elastic bands and the 100% release mechanism. This distinguishes the Pro from the standard solution of the Striker with one single circular 18 mm circular band and articulated wishbone. The 50 m reel must also be considered evaluating the price that is at the top of the dossier.

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