With the Epsealon Exium G2 the French company has really revolutionized the concept of spearguns…let’s see all the special solutions of this extremely interesting product. It is the second speargun by Epsealon in the dossier of best spearguns between 200 and 300 €, after the Epsealon Spartan Carbone.

Handel and release mechanism

The handle is in 30% glass loaded Nylon 6, with a very slim design. The grip has two removable white TPE material inserts, one in front and one at the rear, for better grip and comfort. Sternal support is removable and of the same material as the handle, but the surface that comes to contact with the chest is, as the inserts, in white TPE anti-slip material. The safety system that blocks the shaft is positively present on both sides of the handle and can be felt with the index finger when locked (S position of the rotating lever). In addition, a very easy regulation can be done still acting on the safety lever, which in the 0 position has the trigger moved slightly forward, and in the 1 position a few degrees and mm backward. A small wing is positioned on the right side to clear the way from the monofilament. 

The release mechanism is in 316L stainless steel, including release tooth, trigger and lateral line release lever, while the castle is in 30% glass loaded Nylon 6. Interesting solution with the line release lever connected to another lever positioned just in front of the mechanism under the shaft. When the latter is released and moves away from the lever below, this one can lift and the lateral lever opens to free the monofilament. The lateral release lever can be shifted on both sides. 

Epsealon Exium G2 handle
Epsealon Exium G2 release mechanism


The barrel of the Epsealon Exium G2 is definitely the most revolutionary part of this interesting speargun. The design is with two elliptical section tubes in aluminum of aeronautic grade 1 mm thick wall with nylon 6 loaded 30% fiberglass bridges as connections. Between the two elliptical section tubes two floaters, one close to the handle and the other close to the muzzle, can shift along the barrel to perfectly balance the speargun regulating the buoyancy. In addition, the fact that the two tubes are extremely flattened permits to have a passage of water between them that helps maneuverability, even though partially reduced by the presence of the two floaters (that can though be dismounted). The final structure (patented) determines an extremely stiff structure. There is a full-length barrel TPE shaft guide for avoiding noise and friction of the shaft.

Barrel to muzzle and to handle connection and sealing is obtained with female type plugs, but no O-rings, as the tubes are already sealed with corks plus a special type of sealing glue. The two tubes can be dismounted releasing two per side Allen screws. Lengths available are 50, 60, 75, 90, 100, 110, 120 y 130 cm. 

Epsealon Exium G2 elliptical section bi-tube barrel
Epsealon Exium G2 elliptical section bi-tube barrel with Nylon connections and floater

Muzzle and elastic bands

The muzzle is a 30% glass loaded Nylon open solution with a double circular band design, where on one side you have the protuberance for the monofilament, and on the other a locking system (patented) to the line to keep it in perfect position. The muzzle includes a removable steel bridge to obtain a closed solution. 

The elastic band is a mono circular rubber band ShockWave 18mm and threaded flat articulated wishbone. Lengths of 75/90/100 are equipped with mono rubber 18mm and 3.2 elongation coefficient and stainless steel wishbone. Lengths 110/120/130 are equipped with double rubber of 16mm and elongation coefficient 3.4 and Dyneema wishbones.

Epsealon Exium G2 muzzle


The shaft is a single upper barb solution with notches. Lengths of 75/90/100 are equipped with polished notched shaft 6.25mm SANDVIK material, single barb AISI 316 hardened with carbon, short spear point for better impact resistance, and heat treatment to increase hardness and bending resistance by 20%. The lengths of 110/120/130 are equipped with shark fins 7 mm diameter shaft, double barbs AISI 316 hardened with carbon, Tri-cut spear point for better impact resistance and water penetration, heat treatment to increase hardness and bending resistance by 20%.

Epsealon Exium G2 handle and shaft

The list prices of the Espealon Exium range is for the lengths 75/90/100 equal to 190 € (VAT included), and for the lengths 110/120/130 equal to 220 €.

For the complete data chart of the Epsealon Exium G2 click here