It is THE wetsuit company from Croatia, based in Zara, producing all kind of wetsuits, for spearfishing and freediving. But not only, DiveIn produces and/or sells a number of other products like fins and accessories, from weights, to weight vests, to belts, to bags ect. All this can be checked out on the companies website:

It is though evident that the main product by DiveIn are wetsuits, with Lisscio, the smooth external and open cell internal wetsuit we are here presenting, the Spaccato, lined exterior and open cell interior, the Combined (a mix of parts in smooth external open cell internal and lined external open cell internal), for what concerns spearfishing. Wetsuits for freediving and scuba diving are also available. Taylor made wetsuits are evidently the top of the line solution, and the following video gives specific indications on how to personally take measures with the possibility to order taylor made wetsuits by DiveIn on-line at


In brief

The DiveIn Lisscio wetsuit is in the brown base camouflage version, 5 mm jacket and 5 mm pants, but available thicknesses are 3 – 5 – 6.5 – 7 – 8 and 9 mm. Neoprene option is either Heiwa or, only in 3 – 5 – 7 mm, Daiwaboo and the wetsuit can be both standard measure or taylor made. Well preformed arms, legs and body are an attent finishing of a very refined wetsuit.

For the complete technical data sheet of the DiveIn Lisscio wetsuit click DiveIn-Wetsuit-Lisscio data chart.

Material and protections

As anticipated, neoprene used in the Lisscio is either Heiwa or Daiwaboo, but different thicknesses are available. Both neoprenes are selected to obtain best comfort and maximum thermal insulation, also thanks to the resistance to sqeezing at deep depths.

DiveIn Lisscio wetsuit front view

There are only small external lined patches on the DiveIn Lisscio, being this in the inseams, the beaver tail and the small semi-circular are where the two closure buttons are.

DiveIn Lisscio wetsuit inseams with lined patch

Sternal protection is internal to the wetsuit, while there is no external lining to reinforce the sternal area, still this often genereting the opposite effect of creating openings in the border between the lining and the smooth neoprene. On the aother hand, all knees, elbows and sternal lined covers can be added upon request by the customer.

DiveIn Lisscio wetsuit rear view

Finishings and cuts

Details are top quality for the Lisscio wetsuit, still maintaining in the version received maximum softness with minimal lining. All borders on wrists, cap profile and anckles are in folded smooth neoprene to reinforce and to give a little more tightness in those areas for better sealing effect. Still these double fold are particularly thin.

DiveIn Lisscio wetsuit wrist double neoprene border
DiveIn Lisscio wetsuit internal wrist

To give more strength to the pants the border of the waist is finished with a stitched lining, which is anyway incredibly elastic.

DiveIn Lisscio wetsuit waist lined border

Exactly the same solution is applied to the lower border of the jacket, with stitchings on open cell smooth neoprene and to the externally lined one that starts in the central part creating the beaver tail. The latter is particularly thin and is closed with double buttons.

DiveIn Lisscio wetsuit beaver tail & double buttons

Bondings are of very good quality with no double glueing solution and no additional neoprene “buttons” to cover triple points of connection of the neoprene patches. Still the glueing appears extremely clean and well made.


Camouflage on the DiveIn Lisscio wetsuit is available in a mixture of green, red, brown, yellow, blue, white, with our wetsuit having an interesting brown base solution. Possible camo versions are visible at This camo colouring covers completly the entire wetsuit.