Dive In, the Croatian wetsuit producer offers both standard and tailor-made wetsuits. We have receives a 7 mm standard Spaccato wetsuit, open cell inside and lined externally, with an interesting gree-black camouflage. We had in the past already presented the very good Dive In Lisscio solution.

Materials and protections

The neoprene of the Dive In Spaccato wetsuit is an internally open-cell and externally Lycra-lined Sheico solution. The Spaccato wetsuit received has a focus on protection and resistance, starting of course from the 100% externally lined neoprene, and passing on to thick Canoco material on knees, elbows and sternal area, with a very protective and anti-wear solution. The area of the sternal protection has an additional 3 mm pad under the Canoco layer. 

Finishings and cuts

On the Dive In Spaccato the profiles of wrists, ankles and face contour are standard finishings with stitchings, also in the chin area, which to some could reduce comfort. The latter are all well performed and blind to reduce possible water passage and ensure the best thermal insulation. The underarm area has the traditional rhomboidal shape on the side of the jacket, while the neoprene patch continues all along the lower part of the arms. 

The high waist pants measure a high value of 50 cm at the rear and 46 at the front, well covering the tummy and the back of the spearo.

A “pisette” solution is added, which can be important in keeping thermal insulation (without such system, urine gets cold under the wetsuit and generates an important loss of heat) and cleanliness.

The lower part of the jacket is internally all open-cell, except for the beaver tail and the specific area where the two closing clips are positioned. 

Blind stitchings are also present behind the knees to generate a preformed solution. Such stitchings are though short to reduce any annoying effect on the skin of the spearo in such a delicate area. 

Special solutions

Definitely focus on resistance to tear and wear, and long-lasting performance, the Canoco protections generate a very strong solution.

Plus and minus


  • Extremely resistant, it can be used on rocks with the protection of the body and resistance to wear and tear
  • The Pisette definitely helps thermal insulation
  • Very high waist pants are a good choice 


  • External lining and Canoco protections take much time to dry
  • No bands to hang the pants

To download the complete data chart of the Dive In Spaccato wetsuit click here.