Cressi has the capacity to offer, especially in the spearguns range, both new advanced products and older models, the latter which, due to their quality and reliability, are loved by many spearos. We have presented some time ago the unbeatable Cressi Cherokee Fast, and now let’s see the smaller brother, the new Cressi Yuma Fast.

Double reinforced barrel

The barrel of the Cressi Yuma Fast is of extremely high level. 26 mm in diameter, the barrel of the new speargun by Cressi utilizes the stiffest and most reinforced solution by the Italian company, putting together a 1 mm thick anticorodal aluminum with a reinforced base. This increases the thickness to more than 2 mm and, together with the integrated shaft guide, additionally strengthens and improves the stiffness of the barrel.

Actually, the effect of the thickened lower part of the barrel is indicated by Cressi, as indeed a very high level of stiffness and rigidity increase of the structure thanks to the specific position of the reinforcement compared to the force generated by the elastic bands. Heavy loads are so, perfectly supported by the barrel of the Cressi Yuma Fast.

As said, the shaft guide is integrated with the barrel, and it is an open track solution, where the shaft rests only on the two rails of the guide, while centrally it is hallow. This generates a cushion effect of the water when the shaft is released, with a strong reduction of the friction between the barrel and the shaft itself.

Muzzle and circular band

The muzzle of the Cressi Yuma fast is the very compact and functional Cressi solution for up to double circular bands. The extremely interesting solution is the extremely useful and comfortable integrated magnet, which definitely helps the loading phase. Additionally, it is possible in some cases, where one needs to be fast, to load the shaft without passing the monofilamento around the muzzle, as the magnet is strong enough to keep well the shaft in position.

The circular elastic band mounted on the Cressi Yuma Fast is 14 mm of diameter and made of natural latex, which is indicated by Cressi as the best option compared to chemical latex. The two solutions not only differ in the material, but also in the production systems.

In brief, the chemical latex elastic bands are obtained by extrusion, while the natural latex bands are made utilizing tanks where a line is covered over and over again with the natural latex that thickens the line until it is of the correct section. In general, natural latex is very progressive and excellent inside its elongation range, but loses power beyond such values. The chemical latex is more nervous, but can work quite well also extending it beyond its best elongation range. The elongation coefficient of the circular elastic band mounted on the Cressi Yuma Fast is 3.2. The wishbone is in 2 mm diameter Dyneema.

Handle and release mechanism

The handle and release mechanism of the Cressi Yuma Fast is probably the simplest part of the speargun, but definitely a very reliable one. The release mechanism is in Nylon and so is the trigger, but the internal lever is in aisi 316 steel. The castle of the release mechanism is also in Nylon, with though an internal steel plate. In front of the castle there is a short guide that positions centrally the shaft.

The line release lever is positioned in the inferior position and in front of the hilt, a solution that is not the most advanced. Still, it is a classic to which many spearos are used to.

The handle has on the rear part a red insert in rubber to improve grip. The chest support is short and minimal, and as the inset of the handle, is made of red rubber.


The shaft is a Cressi Kraken sling shaft of 6 mm diameter with tig welded shark fins and reversed flopper.