Eighth wetsuit, which ends the first part of Winter Wetsuits Dossier, which will be followed by the Tests in the sea, the Cressi Tracina differs in many finishes from the rest of the group.

For the Winter Wetsuits Dossier Cressi has chosen, among the four wetsuits dedicated to spearfishing (the Scorfano, which translates redfish, already  presented e tested by AP, the Cernia, which translates grouper, the Apnea and the Tracina, which translates weever), in the thickness if 7 mm both for trousers and jacket.

In brief

Made of Sheico lined external and open cell internal neoprene, the Cressi Tracina has in the seals of waist (Aqua Stop), wrists, ankles and face contour, its unicity, thanks to the Smoothskin material.

Materials and protections

Neoprene utilized by Cressi is a Sheico that, the Italian firm indicates, is first quality among the Sheico on the market. The external lining is a mix of Ultraspan and Nylon, made camouflage with the Dark Digital Specter, Cressi patented, which makes the image, that shows the sea floor, broken down and so more difficult for the fish to notice. Protections are present on the knees (large) and on the elbows, with extra resistant cover in Powertex, a material made of Supratex and Nylon.


protezioni gambe tracina

Sternal Protection is made with an external cover of rough and resistant material, named Melco Tape, while between this and the external lining are positioned four 2.5 mm thick neoprene inserts, with an arch like shape, that grow in dimensions while moving down towards the tummy. Such separated inserts are slightly less effective in protecting the chest compared to a continuous solution, but have the advantage of avoiding any possible slide of the butt of the speargun when loading. Dimensions of the sternal protection, equal to 10.5 x 24 cm considering the entire Melco Tape cover, or equal to 7 x 19 cm if one considers only the area with neoprene inserts, are not particularly wide and do not cover the lower part of the tummy, which is normally a good help when loading long spearguns. It is also true that in Winter periods one usually utilizes, in temperate weather sea, short speaguns.

protezione sternale Tracina

Finishes and cuts

Bondings of the Tracina are impeccable, while seams are present in all matchings of neoprene parts except the edges of wrists, ankles, face contour and waist, all made of Smoothskin, that are cut and have no seams on the edge for best comfort. Smoothskin solution is made with externally lined, but smooth internally, neoprene, to offer greater seal and resistance compared to simple sharp cut. This is an excellent solution already tested by AP in the  test in the sea of the Cressi Scorfano.


polsini tracina

An internal seam is present in the area of the closing of the chin to avoid, in a delicate point particularly stressed during undressing phase, possible tears. The seam is though made in a very neat way to avoid possible discomfort on the skin.


On the back a central vertical seam is made to optimize preshaping of the wetsuit, and in particular to improve adherence of the neoprene to the vertebral column, a critical area due to that fact that air and water sacs can generate. This solution avoids such possibility improving thermal insulation. On the sides of the trunk , under the arms, ample neoprene cloves of Ultraspan-Nylon also optimize adherence of the wetsuit to the body.

Behind the knees is a central seam that goes down vertically, while a horizontal one is shifted downwards respect to the bending point of the leg to avoid possible discomfort.

The lower part of the jacket is made with internal lining all around the waist, to reinforce such area and avoid possible nail cuts in the dressing and undressing phases.



Waist of trousers is high, with values that are among the highest of all wetsuits analyzed, with measure from inseams to waist edge of 47 cm at the front and 48.5 cm on the rear.

Innovative solutions

Great is the Aqua Stop on the waist, and so is the Smoothskin solution on ankles, wrists and face contour. Thanks to the smooth internal neoprene the sealing is improved compared to the open cell solution. the first could result slightly less resistant that the folded neoprene solution, certainly if compared with the folded externally lined neoprene, while we should better evaluate the comparison with the externally smooth folded solution, which will have the downside of being hit buy sun rays directly on the neoprene.



To read, download and print the technical data sheet of the Cressi Tracina click here.

Plus and minus


  • Smoothskin and Aqua Stop solutions
  • Excellent bondings


  • No elastic bands to hang trousers


Excellent is the possibility to buy separately jacket and trousers, and so eventuallychoose different sizes and thicknesses.

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Here for the 7 mm jacket of the Cressi Tracina

Here for the 7 mm trousers of the Cressi Tracina.