The first level speargun by Cressi, the Sioux, put together many years of experience, and updates. This year a new muzzle puts another effort into a highly reliable, simple and easy-to-use value-for-money speargun.


The key and strength of all Cressi spearguns, is the handle, which puts together so much know-how. It makes the Cressi Sioux an extremely easy and intuitive product. This is mainly thanks to the 60° angle and design of the grip. Slightly anatomical with a symmetrical shape, the latter is definitely comfortable. It is covered with a yellow synthetic rubber called rubbersoft, to improve the anti-skid effect. Also, the yellow solution helps locate the speargun underwater, for example from the sea surface when the Sioux is left underwater after a shot.

There is a small plastic ring under the handle. The chest support is also in glass-loaded nylon and has a wide design for the best fit on the chest. Such support is one piece with the “castle” of the release mechanism.

Dimensions of the grip and distance from the trigger are adapt also for small hands.

Release mechanism

The trigger of the Cressi Sioux is itself also of glass-loaded nylon, with a full shape for better resistance. The “castle”, of the same material, covers the entire release mechanism. The upper part under the castle is though in steel for greater resistance. Some machining its profile could help protect the monofilament during the insertion of the shaft. The safety system is well visible and positioned on the upper part of the handle. Even if it cannot be automatically felt with the hand when holding the speargun, as the most modern solutions, the big sliding button can be easily seen and help signal if the safety system is on or off.

The release mechanism is well connected to the handle through two 3 mm diameter steel pins. The line release lever is in glass-loaded nylon and positioned in the inferior part of the handle. There are also three additional crocodile teeth line blockers. Two are positioned laterally at the beginning of the barrel, and one in the inferior part of the barrel, just in front of the sliding connection system for the reel.


The barrel of the Cressi Sioux is made of extremely high-quality light, non-deformable anticorodal aluminium, specifically chosen by Cressi. This material is particularly stiff and resists external agents. Additional resistance and dimensional precision is obtained thanks to the fact the barrel is drawn and not extruded. The initial part of the barrel has mounted on it a special plastic element. This not only hosts the three crocodile teeth line blockers already presented, but also has two short open track shaft guides.

The barrel has a 28 mm diameter circular section with 1 mm thick wall. The watertight connection handle to the barrel is insured by one single O-Ring, while there are two on the barrel to muzzle insert. This is a high-level solution in the entry-level segment, where usually caps are used, losing buoyancy. The first connection has a 5 mm diameter pin while the second utilizes a 5 mm diameter passing male and female screw system.

Barrel lengths available are 50, 60 and 75 cm.

Muzzle and elastic bands

The muzzle of the Cressi Sioux is the 2022 novelty on this speargun. It is made of 60% glass loaded Nylon, a very high value to resist humidity. It has a closed track design with a very nice internal shaft guide. Made for two standard 13 mm diameter rubber bands with nylon caps, the muzzle can also host one circular band.

The passage for the circular band is now closed, while on the old muzzle it had a discontinuity (a cut). The new design upgrades the muzzle with nice lateral channels to well position the line, totally absent before.

Shaft and wishbone

The shaft is a single 6.5 mm diameter Tahitian shaft with the barb on top. Some money-saving in this case with a steel shaft which is not stainless. There are two notches connecting with a V steel line wishbone. This solution is easy and safe for rookies.