The new “red trend” for wetsuits has been followed since 2020 by many manufacturers, but the “Cryptic” camo solution by Cressi with the Cressi Scorpionfish differs with less intense red, which makes this product particularly unique…but there is more to it.

Materials and protections

The new Cressi Scorpionfish is made of Cryptic camouflage high elasticity Sheico neoprene, open-cell internally and Nylon lined externally. The camouflage solution is obtained with the special Cryptic Camouflage Technology obtained with digital printing, based on the Scorpionfish color tonalities, repeated to cover the entire surface of the neoprene. 

Protections are obtained on the chest, with a 5 mm insert under a small diamond-lined material cover, and on the knees. In both cases an external print with wear-resistant rubbered material is present. 

Finishings and cuts

Cressi utilized for its Cressi Scorpionfish the high-quality finishings with folded externally smooth and internally lined neoprene on wrists, ankles and face profile. This permits also to have no stitchings in contact with the chin, for best comfort. 

The rear part of the jacket is particularly worked, with stitchings both vertically centrally to the back, and also with curved horizontal stitching at mid-height of the back. All this work by Cressi has been done to obtain the best possible preformation of the back of the jacket of the wetsuit to perfectly adapt to the spearo’s body when he is in the spearfishing action, both to improve comfort, but also thermal insulation, thanks to the fact that the neoprene is constantly in contact with the skin. 

High waist pants measure 46 cm at the front and 49 cm at the rear. Key is the special Cressi Patented AQUA STOP SYSTEM which sees a 3 mm thick band of 8 cm of height at the upper part of the waist of the pants. This can be folded positioning the internal open-cell surface of the pants to the external, coming so to contact with the internal open-cell surface of the lower part of the jacket, for a great sealing effect, and so higher thermal insulation. For such reason, the lower part of the jacket internally is almost totally open-cell, except for the beaver tail and the area where the two clips for the closure are positioned. 

The under arm area has a very elastic pad one piece all the way from the side of the jacket to the wrists, making such area extremely soft and comfortable. 

The available thickness of the Cressi Scorpionfish is for the moment only 5mm both for the jacket and the pants, so not focused for really cold water, but adaptable, also thanks to the AQUA STOP SYSTEM, to medium cold waters.

Special solutions

For sure on the Cressi Scorpionfish the Cryptic camouflage system is a special technique, and also the AQUA STOP SYSTEM, present on other Cressi wetsuits, is a very unique technical characteristic of the wetsuit. 

Plus and Minus


  • Extremely refined design and preformed areas
  • Great finsihings (profiles and protections)
  • Nice innovative camouflage


  • Only 5 mm version is a limit
  • Jacket and pants not sellable separately

To download the complete data chart of the Cressi Scorpionfish click here.