Often undervalued, the diving socks indeed vary a lot in quality and comfort. We present here the new Cressi Sarago socks in camo blue and camo brown. The quality and comfort are really at an extremely high level, just as Cressi has got us used to.


All details are present on the new Cressi Sarago socks, and this is the reason why we have decided to present them. The new Cressi socks in fact position themselves well above much of the competition on the market. All starts definitely from the very complete design, full of all the most important solutions.

External smooth neoprene on calf

One aspect which can definitely help to improve thermal insulation is the seal between the wetsuit pants and the socks. This is obtained very well when smooth and open cell neoprene come to contact. In this case the seal is extremely effective. With the entire area of the calf of the new Cressi Sarago socks being designed with externally smooth neoprene (smooth skin), the result is great. Such area, in fact, comes to contact with the internally open cell neoprene of the pants and the game is done! Internally the calf area of the Cressi Sarago socks is lined to protect from tear. In addition, the junction area is provided internally with an additional patch to reinforce the bonding.

Inferior anti-slip surface

For best comfort, but also safety, the sole area of the sock, in its external part, is covered with rubber spots. These help to avoid slipping, definitely a safety aspect, especially when carrying bags, fins, spearguns and other bulky objects.

Foot area

The foot area is made with a double lined neoprene, meaning lined on both sides. This aspect reinforces the sock in the most stressed area. In addition, the internal lining avoids slipping of the foot on the neoprene when some lubricating liquid used in the wearing phase enters the sock. Externally, the lining helps the insertion of the foot in the foot-pocket of the fins.


The construction of the foot area is made with blind stitch seam to further improve comfort, thermal insulation and aesthetics. The band in smooth skin neoprene around the lower part of the calf is connected to the foot area through bonding.


Evidently a totally aesthetic aspect, as the sock is covered almost completely by the foot-pocket and by the pants, but the camouflage look is nice. The brown camo well matches the excellent Cressi Tracina wetsuit, while the blue camo fits perfectly the Cressi Tokugawa wetsuit.

Materials and comfort

What impresses of the new Cressi Sarago socks, in addition to all the above characteristics described, is the softness and elasticity of the neoprene. It is covered with a highly elastic Nylon lining, which feels soft and is amazingly elastic. The neoprene perfectly adapts to the foot, leaving a sensation of “freedom” and comfort. Wearing the Cressi Sarago socks is also quick and easy.

Sizes and thicknesses

A great number of sizes is available with the Cressi Sarago socks. They go from 38-39 (4-5), and on to 40-41 (6-7), 42-32 (8-9), 44-45 (10-11) and 46-47 (12-13) in EU sizes (US sizes). The thickness available is only 3 mm, the most used value in temperate countries.