A smooth neoprene offer by Cressi was needed, but still the Italian company was not at ease in a traditional smooth-open cell solution that could break easily, and so the Cressi Corvina has been designed, with a full Sandwich neoprene material. It is offered in 7 mm jacket and pants, or 7 mm jacket and 5 mm pants, which are not sellable separately. 

Materials and protections

The material is mostly Sheico sandwich neoprene, made of a 1 mm smooth outside and open-cell inside external layer of neoprene, and a 4 or 6 mm (depending on if it is a 5 or 7 mm solution wetsuit) internal open-cell inside and smooth outside layer of neoprene. Between the two layers a Nylon texture completes the sandwich solution and gives an anti-tear effect and the possibility to produce high resistance stitchings. 

Protections are extremely important in the sternal area and on the knees, with a print of rubber-like anti-abrasion and antislip material positioned on wide patches made of anti-wear “small diamond” material. Internally to the sternal area an additional 5 mm internal neoprene patch is added.

The externally lined base of the sternal protection goes all the way down to the base of the jacket, a new trend that permits to reduce as much as possible the weak points generated by the connection between smooth and lined neoprene sheets. 

Finishings and cuts

For the Cressi Ricciola top finishings are present on wrists, ankles and face profile with a folded externally smooth and internally lined neoprene. On the chin internally there is no stitching for the best comfort of the area. Special stitchings are coming halfway up the neck for a great preformed shape of the area. Generally, all the stitchings visually seem to be of excellent quality and of course, the sandwich solution permits to have great resistance.

The lower part of the jacket is internally open-cell except for the frontal area of the double clips for the closure of the beaver tail and the latter itself, which are internally lined. 

The underarm area is made with a special Ultraspan neoprene, extremely soft and elastic, which definitely helps the movements of the arms of the spearo when he is lifting them, and also helps to wear the jacket. Such Ultraspan neoprene goes halfway along the arms and down 2/3 along the side of the jacket. 

The high waist pants measure 40 cm at the front and 43 cm at the rear.

Special solutions

The sandwich neoprene of the Cressi Ricciola is not a new solution on the market, but it is definitely a special option and is well integrated with protections and Ultraspan areas, to control resistance and comfort. 

Plus and minus


  • Fast-drying effect thanks to smooth external and open-cell internal neoprene is great in cold weather
  • Great resistance to tear thanks to sandwich neoprene
  • Amazingly neat finishings
  • Great details on protections and underarm areas with Ultraspan


  • Jacket and pants not salable separately
  • Sandwich neoprene is not as elastic as smooth open-cell

For the complete data chart of the Cressi Ricciola click here.