The new Cressi R30 and R50 represent a point of reference in particular for their CNC construction.

Really complete, Cressi R30 and R50 reels, with 30 and 50 meters 1.5 mm diameter line capacity, put together quality of CNC (computer numerical control) production from full piece, with highest level materials.

Materials and manufacturing

Manufacturing in CNC, in addition to obtaining aesthetically unmatchable components with practically perfect geometrical precision, determines the absence of residual tensions and deformations present with molt production. Looking attently to the two discs of the reel one can in fact notice the micro circular lines made by CNC cuts.

z MULINELLO30 01 00

Material used for the main body derives from polypropilene and results to be lighter than water for best balancing of the speargun. The support structure for the line slide ring and the sledge for the connection to the speargun is made in AISI 316 stainless steel.



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Practical solutions

A key aspect in the design of the new Cressi R30 and R50 is the system to perfectly hold in place the line. First of all, the steel plate has a guide where a plastic disc with central hole is positioned to move up and down. Through this the line passes and is contantly kept in position and well straightened. For additional safety, Cressi has also positioned a turning plastic cylinderthat keeps the line in place and is perfectly aligned with the internal profiles of the two discs of the reel, with a precision possible only with CNC production.


Clutch is adjustable progressively by turning a compact knob, still easy to handle, positioned in the inferior part of the reel. The knob for turning the reel and winding the line is vertical and cannot be tilted horizontally.


Connection of the reel to the speargun is with a sliding solution blocked with a small screw. The R30 and R50 reels can be mounted on almost all Cressi speaguns, and in particular: Cherokee Ocean, Cherokee Open, Geronimo, Pacific, Comanche, Yuma, Moicano and Sioux. The sledge for connection is anyway predrilled to be adaptable also to spearguns of the competition. 

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