No need to remind how strong Cressi is in the masks sector, with its in-house Made in Italy design and production. After the great solutions of the Cressi Nano,Cressi Calibro and Cressi Zeus, all amazingly strong in field of view and the first two also in reduced internal volume, the Cressi Quantum goes another step ahead in the masks sector.

The chassis

The Cressi Quantum has a dismountable design that puts together 3 different elements: chassis, skirt and lenses. The system utilizes a traditional axial closing system. This solution has been applied in anticipation of the availability of optical lenses. In fact, dismounting and remounting the mask can be easily executed by the diver. 

An interesting detail is the presence of a rubber profile all along and internally to the chassis. It acts as protection, in addition to an aesthetic function.

The lenses

The lenses of the Cressi Quantum are of large dimensions. They measure 58.5 in width and 67.7 mm in height for a good field of view. Such measures are slightly wider, but less tall than the Cressi Zeus mask lenses (57.3 x 70.5 mm). The latter was the biggest of the double lenses Cressi masks presented until now on AP.

The thickness of the tempered glass measured by AP is 2.9 mm, a very good and safe value. As for the Nano, the Calibro and the Zeus, the Cressi Quantum has tilted lenses (Big Eyes system). This further increases lower and lateral visibility. The lenses are in fact inclined downward by 17° to obtain a better view. The spearfisherman in fact tends to look with some degrees towards the bottom, and not perfectly horizontally. The tilted lenses help consistently during the search phase looking at the sea floor from the surface. 

The skirt

Fog Stop system revolution

Here is where another step of the Fog Stop system revolution is accomplished by the Italian Company. The high quality silicone facial is designed to perfectly adapt to the face of the diver. The key aspect are though the numerous anti fog elements. The internal part of the skirt is a net evolution of the Fog Stop system present on Calibro and Zeus. In fact, in addition to the lip present around the nose, the Cressi Quantum is designed with the same kind of lip also around the eyes areas.

This way the hot air coming out of the nose, which determines the formation of fog, is deviated away from the lenses. The flow is channeled externally to the lips round the eyes areas and directed towards the lateral areas of the skirt, where heat exchangers similar to radiators are present. Made of six 0.5 mm thick fins such elements determine a great increase in heat transmission and quickly cool down the temperature of the internal air in the mask, eliminating the formation of fog. A real revolution!!!

In addition, to be able to keep these lateral radiators as close as possible to the warm air coming from the nose, the skirt internally on both sides is convex. This aspect by the way has also a “filling effect” that reduces partially the internal volume of the mask.

Even though the Cressi Quantum has amazing solutions to avoid the creation of fog on the lenses, it is advised, when new, to clean the lenses carefully with toothpaste or dish-washing detergent, or simply use a lighter to burn away all volatile materials and dust that may have collected on the glass. The latter is our best suggestion, and must be done with a wind-proof lighter to able to well direct the flame only on the lenses and not on the silicone skirt. It is also always useful to use saliva as a surfactant before every dive.

Silicone surface, dimensions and weight 

The Cressi Quantum skirt has big vertical (measured centrally) and horizontal dimensions (120 x 106 mm) that should generate a more comfortable feeling on the face. The overall maximum dimensions, considering also the chassis and the buckle connection, and the skirt at the highest point, are 163 x 114 mm. The weight of the Cressi Quantum mask complete with buckle is 185 grams (ALL measures done by AP).

The external surface of the high quality silicone skirt is matt to avoid light reflexes that would alert the fish. The same applies to the internal surface to avoid flashing to the eyes of the diver. 

Buckle connection to the chassis

The buckle of the Cressi Quantum is linked through micro strap adjustment system. The connection is with two triangles made of hard rubber and integrated in the chassis. This is a unique Cressi solution. Such connection between rear band and chassis permits to have a semi-rigid connection. In such a way two results are obtained. The first is to avoid the direct connection of the buckle with the skirt. Such situation tends to deform the latter and determine water entering the mask.

The second result is the softening of the connection of the whole structure pulling on the chassis. In this way the chassis does not deform as it would with a more rigid solution. Again, a situation that would lead to water entering the mask. Finally, the harder rubber is definitely more resistant to wear and breakage. This, if compared to the silicone of the facial, that often breaks if used as connection to the buckle. The buckle is particularly refined, with double strap and Cressi logo for a bi-color solution. The micro strap regulation is activated by lifting a lever in the system.


Overall the Cressi Quantum represents an amazing revolution. We will test the Quantum in the harshest conditions for what concerns fog formation. Anyway, this mask indeed is something to look at carefully, also with details that go beyond the Fog Stop system. Among these, the quality of the silicone, with matt surface and the great connection system buckle to chassis. These key elements make the Quantum a premium product. The mask is of generous dimensions and we do not expect very low internal volume. On the other hand, the wide lenses indicate a great field of view. We will soon measure both values with our now famous Super Test on masks.