Already part of Cressi product line, Predator knife has been constantly updated until the 2017 version, that we have analyzed. 

It is a compact knife, that can be positioned on the weight belt or on the calf, designed with great finishings and interesting solutions. Cressi underlines the high quality of the steel used (something we will verify both in the cutting qualities and rust resistance in our test in the water).

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Asimmetrical, but not eccessively, of reduced dimensions (98 mm long, 49 mm wide and 21 mm thick), the handle of the Cressi Predator is very well refined, with two soft rubber light grey inserts for best grip. Handle is just slightly small for big hands, still sufficient to work efficiently with the knife. The shape of the handle and the position of the rubber inserts indicate it must be held flat, with the thumb levering on the T shaped insert.

On the terminal part of the handle is a hole to insert a security line, while the same hole is made on a cap that is screwed on the rear of the blade (which actually passes through all the handle) that can be completely dismounted.



The possibility to dismount the blade, thanks to the solution present on the handle, permits to clean it completely and easily. The blade is made of 420 steel, that Cressi indicates of extremely high quality. A black covering treatment (Black Coating) is applied all along the blade for additional rust protection and great look. Dimensions of the blade are compact, with length measured equal to 84 mm, width 18 mm and thickness 4 mm. The rhomboidal section gives strength and rigidity to the blade.

The blade has one side with a smooth blade and the opposite with a jagged one, with 1 x 3 profile (one big nick and three small ones).

No shaft straightener or unblocker holes are present on the blade.



The sheat is simple and made of plastic material. The fixing system of the knife in the sheath is also quite traditional, with a rubber ring to hold the handle. The ring is though very well refined, with good thickness for more strength and resistance, a genereous connection to the sheath and a lined lip for better grip, making it easy to connect and release the knife from the sheath.

The fitting of the sheath to the body can be done using the weight belt or on the calf, thanks to rubber belts with buckle.