The 100% Made in Italy company, Cressi, has 4 selected spearguns that are included in this dossier, moving from a base price, with the Cressi Moicano Camu 60, at 109 €, going up to the Cressi Cherokee 60, around 120 € and the Cressi Comanche Pacific 75 at 135 €, and finally up to the very upper limit of the dossier with the Cressi Cherokee Open Mimetic 75 at 175 €. A complete offer for any need. All of these spearguns, we know, even if with different level technical solutions, will have that magic plus of the Cressi sling spearguns, that somehow appear to be really just the natural extension of the spearo’s arm.

This article is part of the dossier “Best sling spearguns between 100 and 200 €”

Cressi Moicano Camu

Cressi Moicano Camu

We have received the Cressi Moicano Camu 60, which is available in the following lengths: 60, 75, 85 and 95 cm. The offer sees the Cressi Moicano Camu 60 as the cheapest of the dossier offered on DiveINN at 109 € in the moment this article is published, but you can check the latest best guaranteed on-line price offer at this link. Moicano is designed to be a very manageable, agile and multipurpose speargun.

Technical characteristics

Muzzle and elastic bands
Cressi Moicano Camu muzzle bands & wishbone

Cressi Moicano comes with a pair of standard sling bands in pure black latex, S45, and 18 mm diameter. The muzzle gives the possibility to substitute the pair of sling bands with the longer and thicker versions as the G20 of 20 mm diameter. High quality caps in Delrin© with threads are designed so that threading and unthreading the bands can be done easily by hand. Also, a circular band can be added. Bands have 3 – 3.2 (300% – 320% – depending on the length) elongation coefficient. The muzzle is compact with a closed solution and made of PA66 30% glass loaded nylon. The line passage (fairlead) is made of a steel wire for high resistance to wear. The wishbone is the French articulated type steel solution.

Cressi Moicano Camu muzzle bands and wishbone inferior view

Camouflage barrel in greens and browns has a 26 mm diameter and is made in Anticorodal aluminium (6082T6 alloy). It is aesthetically attractive in multipurpose shades for Mediterranean and Atlantic areas. Thickness of the walls of the tube is 1 mm, and increases in the bottom part for greater rigidity, strength and consequent resistance and precision of the shot.

Cressi Moicano Camu barrel and integrated shaft guide
Cressi Moicano Camu barrel section with reinforced inferior walls
Cressi Moicano Camu barrel section with reinforced inferior walls
Cressi Moicano Camu line of aim and lateral wings
Cressi Moicano Camu line of aim and lateral wings
Release mechanism

Release mechanism is made with the release lever (sear) in cemented steel, while the trigger is in PA66 30% glass loaded Nylon.

Cressi Moicano Camu release mechanism

The line release is the simple standard solution with the glass loaded Nylon lever set in the inferior part of the handle in front of the hilt.

The security system is lateral of generous dimensions, but not particularly “feelable” with the hand once the spearo is holding the Moicano.


The handle has a special deeply tested angle for best shot precision. The material is PA66 30% glass loaded nylon, just as the muzzle. The grip has a TPE thermoplastic rubber rear cover in the area where the palm of the hand adheres to the handle. For best antislip effect the lateral and frontal part of the grip have spotter surfaces. The rear of the grip is white for best visibility on the sea floor, disappearing under the spearo’s hand when the Moicano is held.

Cressi Moicano Camu handle right view
Cressi Moicano Camu handle left view

Below the handgrip a passage integrated with the handle is present as line passage. At the front of the handgrip and laterally there are 2 line holding devices, the dovetail support for the reel and a glass loaded nylon passage as rail for the shaft. Two wings positioned laterally are present to facilitate loading without interfering with the Nylon line and also to clean the line of aim from it. The rear part the handle is complete with a short anti-slip TPE covered gun butt.


Shaft is made in 17-4 PH (AISI 630) tempered steel and is 6 mm diameter with single barb and notches. The coating is burnished with light reflexion reduction. The area of the barb has no machining for improving penetration.

Comes with

Polyester line and sleeves.

In brief

The Cressi Moicano is definately a simple product, that in some solutions shows it is price wise positioned in the low part of the dossier. Still, the easiness, lightness and high brandishing qualities that such speagun definately has, make it an excellent value for money solution, especially in the shortest versions adapt for spearfishing where quick and short distance shots are needed. The reinforced barrel is a plus.

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