The widest range of masks on the market

Classic, frameless monolens and advanced innovations

Cressi is definitely the company with a huge, maybe the biggest, know how in diving masks, from freediving, to spearfishing to scuba diving. Cressi masks are entirely designed and manufactured in-house and the range is huge. We have received 12 different models, which are not even all of the ones in the Italian Company’s line.

The classic masks

Superocchio made history

No serious scuba diver, freediver or spearfisherman does not know the Superocchio. This mask has made history and is still very much requested by divers thanks to its great adaptability to almost any face. 

Construction and compactness

The Cressi Superocchio is a traditional and reliable mask. It has double lenses and an important strong frame, thick in the longitudinal direction. Centrally, the frame has a dismountable part where the Cressi logo is printed. This element can be quite easily taken off to start the dismantling of the mask. Around the lenses two smaller frames come off and the mask is totally open. The Superocchio supports the mounting of optical lenses. It is compact with a reduced internal volume.

The skirt

Made in black shiny silicone, the skirt has a compact design. Internally around the lenses and at the base of the nose the silicone has protuberances to best position the mask and reduce the internal volume. Externally on both sides there is a thicker line of silicone to increase rigidity of the specific area. Evidently, the step present internally around the lenses deriving from the frame increases slightly their distance from the eyes. This determines a slight reduction of the field of view. On the other hand, this generates better comfort for two reasons. It avoids the eyelids touching the lenses and the upper part of the nose and the forehead are not pressed by the frame.

Rear strap adjustment and design

The rear strap of the Cressi Superocchio is a double band solution. The lower band has integrated 3D Cressi logo while the upper one has refined thickened lines to strengthen the central area. The buckles are mounted directly on the frame. The release system is the old traditional one, where a lever has to be lifted to release the micrometric adjustment. It is reliable, but not the easiest solution.

Dimensions and weight

The Cressi Superocchio weighs 160 grams. The lenses are 50 mm high and 43 mm wide. The frame has a maximum width, including the integrated buckles, of 14.2 cm. The height is 7.4 cm. The skirt is 10 cm high in the center and 10.6 cm wide, considering that the buckles and strap push on it reducing the width.


Similar to the Superocchio, with a very traditional design, it has wider lenses, and in general is less compact than the more famous sister.

Construction and compactness

The Cressi Perla follows the solutions of the Superocchio, with some evolutions. It also has double lenses and an important strong frame, thick in the longitudinal direction, but not as much as its sister. Centrally, the frame has a dismountable part, connected to all the internal frame of the lenses. For such reason it is much more difficult to dismount and should not be done by the customer. The Cressi Perla is quite compact but not as the Superocchio. The wide lenses help the field of view.

The skirt

We received the Cressi Perla in black glossy silicone, but it is also available in transparent silicone for snorkeling and diving. The internal part of the skirt has protuberances at the base of the nose to reduce the internal volume and improve the comfort and positioning of the nose in the mask. As for all masks with frames, there is a step internally around the lenses. This increases the distance of the eyes from the lenses, and so partially reduces the field of view. On the other hand comfort is improved.

Rear strap adjustment and design

The rear strap of the Cressi Perla identical to the one of the Superocchio. The buckles are mounted directly on the frame, but with a more modern design. The release system is the traditional one, but the lever that has to be lifted to release the micrometric adjustment is better designed.

Dimensions and weight

The Cressi Perla weighs 160 grams, exactly as the Superocchio. The lenses are 62 mm wide and 55 mm high. The chassis is 16.5 cm wide (including the rigid buckles) and 6.8 cm high. The skirt is 10.3 cm high in the center and 12.2 cm wide.

Advanced innovations

Cressi has not focused on frameless masks, as such solution generally has as a result more fog on the lenses. During the manufacturing phases, in fact, when the lenses are fused with the skirt and the internal chassis, the glass opens its pores and silicone enters. This determines fog formation and more difficulty in cleaning the lenses. For such reason the most advanced solutions by Cressi are with frame.


The Quantum is the ultimate revolution in the masks sector, the top of the line offer by Cressi. As 2022 novelty we have dedicated a whole x-rays article to such innovative product.


Similar to the Quantum in terms of dimensions, the Cressi Zeus is an amazing product in terms of advanced solutions. Double lenses dismountable mask with frame, the Cressi Zeus has an incredibly smooth design. Cressi has been the first company on the market to design a mask where the skirt continues its profile with the frame. This not only determines an amazing look, but definitely has a more fluid-dynamic shape. The patented technology is the Dual Frame Technology. The Cressi Zeus had already been deeply presented in a dedicated x-rays & Super test article.


The Calibro has been somehow one of the first modern revolutions in the Cressi masks line. With the innovative Fog Stop System it made the first step towards the future. In addition, special nerves on the skirt and matt silicone internally and externally make the Cressi Calibro a top level solution. Thinner silicone on the sides of the nose to help equalization is a plus. For deeper information read the x-rays and Super test article published at the time of the launch of this mask.


The Cressi Nano has been in 2016 a great product showing excellent internal volume reduction and field of view. We measured these values and came to the conclusion they where the best on the market for a two lenses dismountable mask with frame. All details can be read on the x-ray & Super test article published.

The monolens

Z1 & ZS1

Even though the focus by Cressi, as said, are not the frameless masks, the offer is complete with the monolens solutions. These utilize the monolens as chassis and fuse the skirt with it. We had presented in 2020 the Cressi F1 monolens mask solution. Here we present two other masks, the Cressi Z1 and the smaller version, the ZS1.

Construction and compactness

Designed with a single wide monolens which gives rigidity to the mask, both the Z1 and ZS1 are frameless solutions. Evidently the Z1 has not in the compactness its strength, but rather in the field of view, with an extremely wide lens. Still, the frameless solution determines an internal volume reduction. The ZS1, 2022 novelty by Cressi, is more compact and fits adults with smaller faces. The Z1 is available in black, blue, white, grey and red, the ZS1 in black, military green, fuchsia, light blue and white. The monolens in both the Z1 and the ZS1 has a very detailed profile, made of a number of rounded and straight sides.

The skirt

The skirt of both the Cressi Z1 and Cressi ZS1 are in hypoallergenic silicone, with matt surface externally and glossy internally. The matt surface gives a very nice velvet feeling. Internally, at the base off the nose, two convex areas help positioning the nose and reducing the internal volume. Externally, on the two sides, two thicker lines of silicone are present to stiffen the area, avoiding the mask to squeeze too much on the face. The frameless solution permits to have almost no step around the lens. This determines a reduced distance between the eyes and the lens, improving the field of view and reducing internal volume.

Rear strap adjustment and design

The rear strap is a simple double band solution in glossy silicone. Still, the design shows thicker and thinner areas to improve the fit on the head, and also for a greater look. The connection of the side buckles is directly on the skirt close to the lens, with a thickened reinforced area. The connection is with an horizontal pin. The buckles are of good dimensions, with two opposing buttons. This solution makes the micrometric adjustment very simple.

Dimensions and weight

While all elements of the Cressi Z1 and Cressi ZS1 are the same, the dimensions and weight evidently change. The Z1 has a 150 mm wide lens, while the height is 85 mm. The ZS1 has a max width of the lens equal to 145 mm and maximum height equal to 82 mm. The external maximum dimension of the Z1 is 97 mm, while the maximum width is 165 mm. The same measurements for the ZS1 are 158 mm and 93 mm. The weight of the Z1 is 200, a high value determined by the big monolens. The ZS1 weighs 185 grams.

Special solutions

Among the incredibly wide offer of masks by Cressi, we also find two special solutions, very different one from the other. The unmissable cam support mask, the Action mask, and the Minima mask, with extremely compact design and lenses.

Action mask

The Cressi Action mask has a very similar design to the Perla, but evidently adapted to the need of a frame complete with cam support. The weight increases from 160 grams to 190 grams, including the metal screw of the support.

Differences with the Perla

The lenses of the Cressi Action mask are the same as the Perla, with 4 rounded sides. The rear strap and buckles are the ones of the Z1 and ZS1.


A special offer by Cressi on the freediving and spearfishing side, with the Minima. It is designed for deep dives, as the internal volume is reduced to the minimum thanks also to the two very small lenses.

Construction and compactness

Definitely compact, the Cressi Minima could actually appear not too adequate for spearfishing as the two lenses are so small. Still, the minimal internal volume can be excellent to reduce the number of equalization actions in deep dives. Also, the compact design can have also advantages from an hydrodynamic point of view. The two narrow lenses are mounted each on one plastic frame, which in turn is mounted on the single main frame. The narrow lenses of course reduce the field of view, and this can be slightly felt in the lower part of the view.

The skirt

Made with hypoallergic glossy silicone, both internally and externally, the Cressi Minima skirt is special due to the special overall design. The nose area is quite big, while of course the part below the lenses is large due to the latter being so narrow. The base of the nose internally has on the two sides a convex profile of the skirt to well position the nose and additionally reduce internal volume. The internal profile around the lenses shows a step generated by the frame.

Rear strap and adjustment

The rear strap has a nice shape similar to the infinite symbol (a horizontal 8) made of glossy silicone and a 3D variable thickness. The side buckles are mounted directly on the frame. The micrometric adjustment is obtained lifting a small lever which is though quite evident and easy to use.

Dimensions and weight

The Cressi Minima weighs only 115 grams, the lightest of this dossier on the best spearfishing and freediving masks on the market. The lenses are 45 mm wide and only 34 mm high. The skirt is 9.5 cm high and 13 cm wide.